We all know about browsers namely Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari which are widely used by more than 95% of all 3.5 billion users .

So, we can safely say that one of these browsers will prevail over the others and be crowned the supreme of its kind. However, what if you could use different browsers suitable for better privacy?

Here are some really unique alternatives to some of the mainstream browsers, which, with their vivid specs, stand out from the rest. Check out this post to learn about privacy-focused mobile browser .

Brave is an open source browser focused on privacy and performance.

Brave claims that it is up to eight times faster than Chrome and Safari. You can download it on Windows, macOS, Linux, or mobile phones. Some of the features are:


Block ads and malicious scripts

China Phone Number

An option to set the shield globally or per site
Submit Do Not Track Request
Built-in password manager
Brave also has a private window! Similar to Chrome incognito.

Avast Secure Browser
Privacy with speed is probably the best combination a browser could have, and Avast Secure Browser happens to be one of those. It makes the browsing experience much better by getting rid of all the online ads or the annoying and spammy ones depending on your preferences.

You can rest assured that your data and browsing activities are kept private and away from hackers, all thanks to its advanced built-in security. There is a very useful option to block malicious websites and downloads, and also force websites to use encryption to ensure your data is safe.

Avast Secure Browser uses multi-layered security, enabling features like masking your digital identity and blocking online trackers, and offers excellent privacy control standards. It is one of the most secure browsers and is available for Mac, Windows and mobile devices.

Polarity is a lightweight, privacy-oriented browser powered by Blink. It consumes less CPU and RAM compared to other browsers and offers excellent browsing experience.

Polarity comes with a built-in screenshot tool called POLAR SHOT, which means you don’t need to install any plug-ins/add-ons to capture the screen.



So go ahead and unleash the web with Polarity



Gateway or the China Phone Number Onion Router is a browser tool used to browse the web anonymously . Generally, by using our IP addresses, websites can. Track our location. and we use identifying information to target advertising. and collect data about our browsing habits.

However, this is not the case with Tor. The Tor network, however, is made up of many nodes, which pass their data using. Layers of encryption , hence the onion metaphor.

Therefore, the anonymity granted by Tor is used by journalists. who communicate with sources, activists who live in countries that censor or block the use of the Internet, and even. law enforcement officers for covert operations.

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