We spoke to artist gary baseman, limitless creator and father of a world that bears his signature. We could define him as an illustrator, until what he draws comes. To life and can be touched, embraced and lived. That is why gary baseman not only illustrates or designs, he also creates an entire universe that. Surrounds him and those who follow him. Do not miss the interview in which he tells us more about himself, his projects and his way of life, always attached to a sketchbook a universe in infinite formats gary baseman has spent his entire career showing his bittersweet view of life through his characters. Toby, blackie the cat and many other characters that balance between animal and human personality are the inhabitants of that magical world that lives in the notebooks and in garys heart.


How Does He Manage to Leave His Mark

One of the artists greatest merits is that he has philippines photo editor been able to transfer them from paper to a multitude of stages, always maintaining their essence and personality. Thus we have been able to see stuffed dolls of toby and his friends, art installations about blackie and the purr, books and even personalized clothing. Enter the magical world of gary baseman 3 enter the magical world of gary baseman 4 gary assures that the greatest inspiration is found in his day to day and that he constantly draws what he sees and feels. It is her way of transforming the world he lives in into the world he feels. Her way of looking at life through her colored pencils.

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The Artist Assures That Every Day He Draws

He confesses that her great traveling AOB Directory companion, toby, is partly his alter ego, his personal way of inhabiting his animated world just like the real one and blackie, her cat and best friend, is undoubtedly also her great source of inspiration as well as being, in a totally sincere way, the love of her life. Enter the magical world of gary baseman 6 own style in each of. The orders but gary not only works on his work, he has also made pieces for publications such. As the new york times, the new yorker, time, rolling stone, the atlantic monthly and the los. Angeles times or for brands such as mercedes benz and nike. How does he manage to leave his mark on each of his projects taking the ideas to his field and leaving part of himself in each creation.

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