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Live for a close relationship. Social networks for less than two years have been offering lives and today brands must get more involved in this social media strategy. The live video allows to create a close relationship and to introduce the concept of consom’actor. Being a consumer actor means that the consumer becomes an actor of the brand and not a spectator. What the live allows above all is to enter into the intimacy of brands, to know their processes in a way to be behind the scenes of a brand. Live also makes it possible to provide exclusive Mexico Email List content that is more authentic. Beyond exclusive content snacks, it is possible to share events that a consumer cannot always attend.

This makes it possible not to exclude people who could not participate in your event. In addition, live is an increasingly popular C2C trend, particularly via Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. The increasingly popular mobile first Why the First mobile is an increasingly strong trend. It responds to a societal phenomenon due to the expansion of digital. Today, a third of web connections are made via mobile. Mobile first has its importance in 2019 social media trends because there is a real demand. In fact, 90% of Internet users make a purchase decision following a mobile search.

Therefore, it is important to adapt all of your digital strategies

To this format and in B2B it is necessary: Appropriate content while breaking away from the well-known myth of B2B marketers that the longer a text is, the better it is. You have to think in terms of reading time and your audience. The web-to-call to quickly get in touch with a brand. A social media strategy using the most relevant networks with videos, photos or texts. And of course the ergonomics of a site. For 61% of French people, ergonomics are important and if a site is not then they will not stay on it. This will increase your bounce rate which will hurt your ranking on Google. Micro-influencers Among the many social media trends in 2019, the share of influencers will be very large.

Indeed, digital influencer marketing is exploding because it is a formidable relay of opinion. According to a study conducted by the Harris Interactive institute, 39% of French people believe that they have made purchases under external influence. Generation Z is up to 41%. The latter, very familiar with social networks, are the main targets of influencers. Because yes, 62% of Generation Z are interested in a brand following an intervention by their favorite influencer. Influencer marketing through social networks is significantly less expensive than other traditional advertising (TV, press & radio). However, we can see that calling on big influencers is not always relevant.

Why is this less relevant? Quite simply because their audiences

Are less well qualified than micro-influencers. By micro-influencers, we mean people with between 10 and 150K followers. By calling on them, you will have a triple advantage which will be: Lower cost of your partnerships A more qualified audience that will allow you to have a better engagement rate and more reach A lower cost per lead (CPL) than if you use a large influencer In short, using influencers with fewer followers will allow you to better reach your targets while maintaining a close relationship with your customers. The return of podcasts Audio content such as podcasts was the big content trend in 2018.

Indeed, the rise of connected speakers is opening up new content perspectives. The connected speaker market was up 278% for the first quarter. This market is capitalized around a few brands. Amazon, with Alexa owns 43.6% of the market and Google Home reaches 26.5% of market share. So creating new content targeting voice search or creating podcasts then becomes relevant. In addition, podcasts meet customer expectations such as mediameeting.fr, for example: Having your hands free and doing something else at the same time It weaves a close bond between the author or the brand and the person

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