This piece is part of Future Ready, which explores the macro trends shaping businesses for years to come. Here, Melonie Parker, Google’s chief UAE Phone Number diversity officer, shares three data-backed lessons for making hybrid workplaces more inclusive. A version of this UAE Phone Number piece also appears in Fast Company. It’s been two years since many people began working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As We Move Into a More Flexible Future of Work

A hybrid approach will be the new norm for many companies, including Google. At its core, this means bringing people back together in ways that UAE Phone Number can work for everyone — giving employees more choice and flexibility, while ensuring our teams are being UAE Phone Number set up for success. As hybrid work continues to gain popularity, companies must be mindful of the challenges it can present if not done inclusively.

For Example, a Recent Global Survey Found

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A strong preference for remote or hybrid work among employees of color, caregivers, and women. Working in the office shouldn’t overshadow the UAE Phone Number impact an employee makes, wherever they may be. Companies have a responsibility to make sure every employee’s UAE Phone Number continues to feel included and has the same opportunity to advance as their colleagues who may be in the office more frequently.

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