5 advantages of postal mailing

You are familiar with the habit of receiving messages, postcards, promotional and personalized offers through a mailing in your letterbox or in your mailbox. But what are the advantages of postal mailing? Whether physical or electronic, we all receive them. And did you know that postal mailing campaigns are most often used as part of a mailing routing strategy ! Also, they are used to retain your customers and present your commercial offer. What is an Eritrea Email List direct mail mailing? A mailing direct mail means shipping in mass advertising information by electronic or physical.

Previously, direct mail mailing was reserved only for physical promotional mail. But today the term mailing is also used for electronics (e-mailing). But what is the difference between emailing and mailing? The concept remains the same with one difference: the term emailing is used when we talk about electronic mailing while mailing (also known as postal mailing ) is used for the mass sending of postal mails. Sending a newsletter Advantage 1: deliverability of postal mail to recipients Letter box First, establish a good database file that qualifies as best as possible.

Routing email campaigns allow you to qualify and optimize your deliverability

Note that the more qualified your file, the easier the segmentation will be. The paper mailing therefore is a marketing support full well among the most effective. Also to ensure the quality of your campaign, regularly check the rate of undelivered mail: The NPAI. Normally, a quality file accounts for about 3% of so-called NPAI mails (address error or “does not live at the address indicated”). Advantage 2: lifespan of the paper mailing The main advantage of a paper mailing is its lifespan. Also and unlike e-mailing, which will be deleted and forgotten as soon as it is read, the postal mailing can be kept. Indeed, the paper version will be more likely to be kept by the reader if interests.

Thus, in the near future, it will be possible for prospects / customers to provide response coupons to the company. Then, the fact that the postal mailing can be physical allows the recipients to remember it better. But also to increase the chances of eliciting a return and transformation. This is also the case during a physical commercial prospecting. The originality of the medium with bright colors and catchy phrases are also important elements for the mind of the client. paper newsletter Advantage 3: Efficiency and notoriety A Balmetrie study shows that a good postal mailing campaign has a return rate of 4% compared to 0.12% for an e-mailing campaign.

All professionals using postal mailing affirm it:

it is essential by its effectiveness in direct marketing . It is a mark of consideration appreciated by prospects and customers. Also, it adapts as well to a clientele of professionals as to a clientele of individuals. The postal mailing establishes a lasting relationship with your customers (take the example of Yves Rocher who never forgets our anniversary). Advantage 4: Investment & benefits Obviously, like many marketing campaigns, the postal mailing represents a cost but which pays for itself over time. This is the whole point of properly qualifying your file so that your return rate is profitable.

The return on investment of your postal mailing campaign is much greater compared to other communication campaigns. Advantage 5: Commercial document in your image easily customizable In all your marketing campaigns, you convey the image of your company. It is all the more important in the postal mailing, which has a habit of staying in the minds of customers. If your postal mailing is well received by the customer, he will feel privileged and will facilitate the transfer of a positive image in his mind. Once again, the texts, the colors and the choice of the styling set you apart from the catalogs and mass mailings of emailing.

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