In this blog, I’ll share some effective AdWords Display tricks with you that not many people know about. These are the tricks that you can Benin Phone Number implement today. But before we get into how you can create your own AdWords Display Network plan, you need to understand the key difference between AdWords Search and AdWords Display. AdWords Benin Phone Number Search Network: You’re limited to bidding on keywords with a finite amount of ad spots. This means that your competition can make your ad clicks pretty expensive, pretty fast. AdWords Display Network: You have almost limitless ad space across various websites, along with the ability to advertise both image and text ads in different sizes.

Now, We’re Ready to Benin Phone Number

Jump in. These are the five AdWords Display hacks you won’t find outlined in user manuals:1. The Competitor Email Benin Phone Number Subscriber Hack aka Gmail Sponsored Promotions Your competitor’s hard work can actually pay off for your company. In fact, you can advertise directly to their prospects when they open Benin Phone Number your competitor’s emails. With Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP), you can target competitor domains as keywords. By doing this, Gmail will look for emails from competitors you target, and if the email recipient is in their Gmail account, your ad will show up. Some people think that because GSP is an AdWords Display channel, the intent behind the GSP visitors would be the same as regular Display visitors—low time on site and high bounce rates—since people aren’t actively looking for what you’re offering, like on the Search Network.

On the Contrary Benin Phone Number

Benin Phone Number

Not only do the gsp visitors hang around longer than many. Search visitors, but you’ll find that some stick around for 2-4x the benin phone number average time on your site. Check out the average time on site from a gsp campaign within google. Analytics: gsp 2 gsp conversions can actually be the cheapest benin phone number of all adwords campaigns. Just take a look at the example below at the cost per converted click for GSP vs. other campaigns. GSP 3 So what makes GSP ads so powerful? You’re paying an AdWords Display style cost-per-click that has almost as high of an intent as an expensive Search click. Since your ad recipients are interested in what your competitors have to say, they’ll most likely be interested in you too.

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