Are you an affiliate marketer who wants to improve your conversions and track all your clicks? Are you an internet marketer who wants to improve your PPC campaigns and track your links in a better way? So, if you are an affiliate or internet marketer looking for the India Phone Number software to track multiple online affiliate campaigns, this article is for you where you will learn about some of the best tools to track your links easily and efficiently.



  • Why Use Affiliate Tracking Software?
  • Best Affiliate Campaign Tracking Software: Top 5 Tools
    • 1.ClickMeter
    • 2.Volume
    • 3. Post Affiliate Pro
    • 4.ClickMagick
    • 5.LinkTrack
    • Advantages and disadvantages
    • FAQs
    • Final Thoughts

Installing affiliate tracking software allows you to automate. The process, making it simpler and less cumbersome. There are several types of affiliate tracking software available. Learn about the different types, the services offered by different companies. The initial installation price and the cost of future maintenance, upgrades and technical support.

Best Affiliate Campaign Tracking Software: Top 5 Tools

India Phone Number List

Do you want to create a tracking link in seconds and use it for your affiliate campaigns, PPC ads, etc.? Start using ClickMeter as it offers everything in one toolkit to track affiliate campaigns, PPC campaigns, etc. in one place.

  • Track views, clicks and conversions in one place
  • Target those visitors where they give you massive conversion rates
  • Monitor all your broken links
  • Gives you access to click fraud
  • Monitor all your latencies and blacklists

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