5 Good Reasons to Start a Business Blog

This is the whole principle of the corporate blog: write about its activity and transmit its values ​​to Internet users, who learn things by reading you. Create your business blog easily with advice from Jadéclo You assert yourself as a benchmark company in its field and above all you reach the right audience . In addition, being present the online Dominican Republic Phone Numbers List makes you a digital company, which has modern tools to interact with its customers and prospects. YOU INVOLVE YOUR COMMUNITY Creating a blog is ideal for bringing together a community Talking about your business on the web can be very expensive. By creating a business blog, you are no longer the only ones promoting your business.

Indeed, by offering regular content, you will create an appointment with an audience , who will be delighted to learn more about a topic they like. They gradually become attached to your content and your values. Subsequently, this community which is attached to the brand identity that you show through your blog, can share your articles on its personal networks . The creation of engaging content will make your loyal Internet users real players in your online presence and therefore make your values ​​known to a wider audience. YOU DISSEMINATE INFORMATION DIFFERENTLY Advertising solicitations are omnipresent.

Although the Figures Vary Between 300 and 5,000 Depending on the Source

we can say in all cases that advertising captures a very (if not too) important part of our attention . By opting for a business blog, you are not just communicating with a business aspect . You divulge information, tips and tricks and feedback: very different from classic commercial offers that sometimes annoy customers. By creating valuable original content and humanizing your business, your customers trust you more . It is therefore not for nothing that 60% of consumers have placed an order after reading an article on a blog , according to a study conducted in France in 2019 **. YOU GENERATE QUALIFIED TRAFFIC Internet users will not stumble upon your professional blog by chance.

If they end up on your site, it is because they have probably made a request on a search engine. In fact, 93% of online experiences start with a search on a search engine . By offering quality content that meets their expectations, they will be more inclined to stay on your site. creating a business blog will get you qualified traffic It’s up to you to maintain their attention and encourage them to discover more. With a good business strategy, relevant content and good Call-to-Action, turn your visitors into leads . In addition, by placing links to the commercial pages of your site, you increase your chances of selling your products and services : it’s simple and it works.

You Simplify the Work of Your Employees

Finally, simplify the life of your employees thanks to the corporate blog. Can a blog help your business salespeople and other support services? The answer is yes ! The content manager has every interest in working hand in hand with the sales representatives, who are in direct contact with customer requests. This will allow writing content that will save everyone’s time. Your blog posts, as long as they are informative and well written, become excellent sales pitches that your sales reps and project managers can send and quality support for after-sales service . It’s also a great source of content for your business marketing department . Indeed, enrich the content of your social networks and your newsletters by adding links to your blog.

according to information relayed by the CM newspaper. **: according to the Hivency infographic of July 03, 2019, based on figures from the Moderator’s Blog, eMarketer and Comarketing-News. To conclude : Why start a business blog ? Now you know some of the best reasons to start a professional blog to incorporate into your content marketing strategy. There are many more, but be aware that delivering quality branded content will allow you to meet brand awareness, qualified traffic, leads, and sales goals . Discover our different offers to create your business blog and set up a real web strategy .

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