More and more companies are discovering the benefits of a well-run PPC program.

However, competitive keywords in certain industries, especially the technology industry, can be extremely costly.

$50 CPCs? No, thank you!

Do not let expensive keywords prevent you from developing a strategy to reach your target audience in this industry.

In this column. I’ll share my top tips for effectively using search platforms such as Google Ads and Microsoft Ads to effectively reach your target audience in the competitive technology space.

1. Make Use of Detailed Demographics in Google Ads

The detailed demographics category in Google Ads is technically still in beta, but most accounts can be whitelisted into this beta.

This is especially beneficial to the technology industry because you can target by:

  • Company Size:
    • Small Employer (1-249).
    • Large Employer (250-10,000).
    • Very Large Employer (10k+ Employees).
  • Industry:
    • Construction.
    • Education.
    • Financial.
    • Healthcare.
    • Hospitality.
    • Manufacturing.
    • Real Estate.
    • Technology.

It’s important to take note of which campaign types are available for this type of targeting.

Currently, these attributes are Pakistan Mobile Number approved for Search and Video campaigns only; it’s not available on Display.

With these demographic options, the possibilities are endless!

You have the option to Target Only (meaning you are only targeting users who are in this category).

Another option is Observation (meaning you are targeting these users, as well as everyone else who doesn’t fit into this category).

Try adding these audiences to current Search campaigns as Observation only first.

This can help you understand how these users engage differently than those not categorized in those demographics.

2. Keep Keywords Broad When Targeting By Audience

Pakistan Mobile Number

Because Detailed Demographics is in beta, it’s difficult to understand how many users fall into these categories.

Even so, if you only target these users under your current campaign structure, you could be limiting your reach.

By layering audiences on to campaigns, you can further qualify your target audience. Try testing out broad keywords specific to these audiences.

Don’t go crazy and use keywords like [tech news], for example.

But we know that everyone searches differently.

Conversions in B2B can come from low-volume, high intent searches, and with broad match keywords, campaigns can capitalize on the individual user.

Another added benefit is that you gather more data on how users are actually searching to get to your product or service.

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