5 Sites to Find Free Royalty-free Music

Are you a company, a communicator or simply an Internet user wishing to create a quality video? So you are probably looking (desperate?) To find a good free royalty-free music site ! According to a Médiamétrie study on video consumption, more than 2 out of 3 Internet users watch them every day! A good way to captivate them is to add some excitement to your videos , especially with good music! However, adding music to your videos can Austria Phone Numbers List quickly get expensive! As musical works are protected by copyright, remuneration will generally have to be paid to the author before they can be used.

The best solution is therefore to find free background music ( royalty free), so as not to break the bank. Fortunately, your digital communication agency Favorite has put together a list of 5 quality sites for you to find free royalty-free music! Since visuals aren’t always enough, the sites in this article will help you find royalty-free music that is free for commercial use . The associated licenses will be Creative Common Attribution (BY) or Allocation Without Modification (BY ND) licenses.

They will allow you to use the music (with or without modification depending on the license)

Including for commercial use. However, remember to credit the author of the musical work when you use it. FILMMUSIC: TO FIND THE PERFECT MUSIC ACCORDING TO THE DESIRED ATMOSPHERE! Choose Filmmusic to find a lot of music with various styles The Filmmusic site offers a wide choice of music of all kinds. Having merged with the famous “Incompetech” site, this optimized site will allow you to choose your music according to the themes or moods you are looking for. You will find sounds from different composers, although the majority of the compositions come from site creator Kevin MacLeod .

Quite famous in the field, the works of the American composer have even been used as royalty-free film music or even in video games, like the famous game Minecraft, that is to say! Its little extra tip: Filmmusic offers you many filters to find your ideal music: as according to the length or the speed of the rhythm. YOUTUBE:


We’re continuing our list of the 5 best free royalty-free music sites with Youtube. You might not know it, but the video sharing platform has its own audio library. To access it, it’s very simple. Go to the Youtube Studio site connected to your Google account and go to the “audio library” section. Here you are in possession of a large number of titles free of rights and completely free! Besides this library, free Youtube music can also be found on music sharing channels. The best known is certainly ” La Musique Libre “, which has more than 40,198,563 views.

Its little extra tip : the YouTube library also offers many sound effects to enhance your videos : sounds of transport, animals, human voices, etc. Access Youtube Studio from your Youtube account and personalize your video with royalty-free music FREE MUSIC ARCHIVE: TO ENJOY MORE THAN 100,000 QUALITY SONGS The Free Music Archive (FMA for close friends) site was created in 2009 by an American free radio (WFMU). Building on its success, it offers a large library of titles under Creative Commons license . Created in 2009 by an American radio station, Free Music Archive offers more than 100,000 free and royalty-free titles! Particularly intuitive and ergonomic, this host has more than 100,000 titles available to you.

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