All of this talk of New Years Resolutions, and what I’m going to do differently for 2015 has got me thinking about improvement. How Cyprus Phone Number can I work toward overcoming the biggest online marketing challenges? There is good news about your 2014 challenges; they can turn into your 2015 successes. Every marketing team or Cyprus Phone Number business has their own shortcomings, there’s always room for optimizing and improvement. For the ‘new year, new you’ I’ve provided a list of tools to turn your challenges into your assets in 2015. MOFU, TOFU, content curation, and KPIs; every marketer has their strengths and weaknesses. As marketers working in a constantly evolving field, we’re constantly finding innovative ways to conquer those weaknesses.

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Here are the 5 biggest challenges marketers faced in 2014, followed by my choice of tools to overcome them:1. Using Cyprus Phone Number Rich Media To Convert Random Readers Although Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) was a hot topic in 2014, most companies have not fully embraced their CRO to the extent that they should Cyprus Phone Number have. This optimization has one of the highest paybacks of all marketing activities, so it’s important to use CRO to drive you forward as one of your largest assets. In 2015 and well into the future, video content is expected to be the leader in increasing conversion rates. According to a study done by the Aberdeen group companies using video. Require 37 percent fewer visitors to achieve the same results because conversion. Rates for users of video are higher (4.8 percent) than non-users of video (2.9 percent).

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Your landing page by trying out different interactive videos to engage your users right off the bat. Out of the different tools in this landscape I would pay attention to video stir. A tool used to create a real life presenter for Cyprus phone number the website starring you. And not a random model you purchase from a virtual presenters bank. You can leverage that opportunity to show the users exactly where. To focus and how to behave within Cyprus phone number the site. Video stir with competition on the rise many businesses and agencies need to continue. Putting conversion rate optimization at the top of their priorities. Marketing departments are responsible for so many different tasks. T

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