6 techniques to boost your commercial prospecting

Boosting its commercial prospecting and sales is the characteristic of all companies, however it is difficult to be impactful and to generate leads. In addition, the web involves profound changes in the acquisition of a customer. We now know that nearly three-quarters of Internet users search the web before buying. On the other hand, 92% of them are not ready to buy a product or service via the web. In a BtoB context, the changes introduced FIJI EMAIL LIST by the web are the same as for BtoC. Therefore doing business cannot go through a single channel, whether digital or traditional. Thinking of a multi-channel commercial strategy to carry out commercial prospecting actions becomes an obligation.

So to boost your commercial prospecting for your business, you have to master both traditional and digital tools. By traditional tools, we mean the customer relationship by telephone and by digital tools those allowing to directly understand the needs of a person. Based on our experience of more than 35 years, we will describe 6 infallible techniques to boost your commercial prospecting Emailing: the # 1 digital tool to boost sales prospecting Why is emailing the n ° 1 tool to boost sales prospecting? The answer is simple, emailing allows you to reach a large number of people at once. Whether it is a pure prospecting email or a newsletter, the engagement rate is very high.

Indeed an email knows an opening round between 6 to 14%

Of course, emailing can only be used if you have acquired a qualified database. The advantage of reaching a maximum of people in a minimum of time makes it the most profitable communication action. Indeed, the cost of sending an email is low and lead engagements are numerous. Emailing is not only used to boost sales prospecting. It also has the role of showing the know-how of your company, in particular through newsletters. These newsletters have the objective of disseminating your content and implementing lead nurturing actions . The goal of these actions is to constantly feed your audience with information so that they can then appeal to you.

It is thanks to nurturing that you will be able to make yourself known and thus gain leads The telephone: classic tool n ° 1 to boost your commercial prospecting Indispensable tool the telephone is the n ° 1 tool all together for customer relations. Whether in BtoC or BtoB, the telephone is often the first element of social interactions with a brand. This is even more true in the BtoB context where the purchasing process is longer. The costs of a purchase being higher mean that the reflection periods are longer and business leaders do not want to make mistakes. In addition, with the expansion of digital, infobesity due to data all decision-makers can know you.

However, that does not mean that they will choose you

For them to choose you, it is no longer enough to make a certain number of calls, they must be of high quality. That is to say that they respond precisely to an expectation and that the salesperson is a specialist in the products he sells. So how do you know if your lead is potentially ready to hear from you? The solution involves scoring and marketing automation which allows messages to be sent for each action of an Internet user. In addition, most people want to maintain social ties when doing business with a company. 85% of customer relations, particularly in BtoB, go through this channel, which today makes them an essential asset. But let’s not forget that the telephone remains only a tool, which in the digital age is thought of as multi-channel.

Inbound marketing to distribute relevant content The digital age requires companies to have a web presence to comply with changes in consumption patterns. The concept of inbound must echo more aggressive business practices linked to outbound. The goal is no longer to seek the customer but to make him come to you by offering different content. For this it is necessary to establish an editorial content strategy in order to answer the various questions that an Internet user may ask. That is, if you are a service company like ours, you should write: On your core business to place you as an expert in your profession. The objective is to dominate the first results of search engines, in particular Google which is used by 92% of French people.

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