As digital technology continues to expand and mature, digital advertising strategies are evolving to keep up. From social, to search, to Bolivia Phone Number big data, the opportunities for marketers today are endless. So how do you keep up with the times? Read on for three trending digital marketing strategies—plus three more that are on the horizon—and some Bolivia Phone Number tips on how you can increase your marketing ROI by incorporating them into your campaigns:1. Mobile Video Advertising If mobile advertising is hot, then mobile video advertising is sizzling. YouTube users are already used to seeing pre-,mid-, and post-roll ads so the experience is pretty conventional. In most of these cases, the ad can only be skipped after the user watches at least a few seconds, and in some cases they can’t be skipped at all.

Some Ads Even Bolivia Phone Number

Offer the user an incentive for watching the full ad. IMG_6743 In addition to mobile apps, social media networks that are Bolivia Phone Number not strictly mobile have made video capabilities available to users and marketers alike. While Youtube and Facebook are not strictly mobile platforms their video ads are. Designed to load quickly Bolivia phone number and run smoothly on mobile devices. Facebook also offers premium video ads for businesses using their platform. In fact, when Facebook announced their video ad offering last year, it was demonstrated on a smartphone. Facebook mobile ads Brands are also using video ads on Snapchat and Instagram to reach their audience. Socially savvy marketers use these platforms to grow their own audiences and use video to engage them organically.

How to Get Started Bolivia Phone Number

Bolivia Phone Number

The ideal channel to try a mobile video advertising strategy is on Facebook. It is relatively affordable and the high-quality Bolivia phone number. Demographic targeting allows your new video ad to reach only—for example— males. Ages 18-24 who live in your area and like to play video games. Facebook is also experimenting with new engaging Bolivia phone number formats. Such as full-screen ads which replicate an advertiser’s website by including functionality. To scroll through pages of videos as well as text and images. Always keep in mind some best practices for strong video advertising make it sentimental. Such as funny or heart-warming, to help draw in the viewer. Add a strong call-to-action. For example recommend they visit the app store for. A new download or check out your website for a special offer.

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