Take the time to ask your regular visitors what they’d like to see on your page. Getting input directly from your target audience will UK Phone Number  allow you to discover missing elements you might not see on your own. Users often know precisely what they don’t like about a website. It’s your job to take those comments and turn them into UK Phone Number positives by fixing any features your visitors dislike. ESPN Example When you place the user at the core of your design and content, your site will automatically become more user-friendly. A few years ago, ESPN.com asked for input from their regular visitors about what they should add to the redesign of their homepage. They listened, added many of the elements mentioned and saw a 35% increase in revenue.

Note How Their Design Features UK Phone Number

Furthermore Note how their design features elements someone landing on the page would most want. 2. Speed It Up Web users expect your site to load at lightning speed, even on mobile devices. About half of them say they expect a website to load UK Phone Number within two seconds and will abandon one that doesn’t load after three seconds. Speed indeed does matter when it comes to keeping visitors on your site so they can see if they want to do business with you. There UK Phone Number are some tools out there that will allow you to check your site speed, including Pingdom and Google’s Page Speed Insights. These sites will also give you tips on how to speed up your site. Two simple things you can do to start are checking your server’s speed and optimizing any images.

Provide In Depth Information UK Phone Number

UK Phone Number

When a site visitor lands on your page, they want to. Get the information they need to make an informed decision. About your product or service. If the visitor has to hunt for this information, they may assume. You’re uk phone number hiding something or grow frustrated and leave for a competitor’s website. The more in-depth and accessible you can make information on what you have to offer, the better. Medical Guardian UK Phone Number Example Look at Medical Guardian’s buying guide. They understand someone looking for a medical monitoring device likely has concerns about the effectiveness of the device. After all, you are putting your loved one’s life in their hands.

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