9 Tips for Gaining Facebook Likes

Gain likes on Facebook to develop your social media audience. But how can you boost your Facebook page ? Does having Facebook likes at all costs have a marketing interest? Social networks have become, today, essential to the development of a business. Indeed, Facebook has more than 2 billion users worldwide, which says a lot about the Greenland Email List interest of federating a community on this social network . Gaining likes on Facebook is hard work! Thus, creating a Facebook page allows you to share content , publish on Facebook groups or even directly as a private personalized message .

Also these Facebook posts will help you make a call to action to get users to like your page. But beware, other actions are to be expected to increase your number of likes on your page, such as: the exchange of likes between pages. But also promote your networks on your site or mail with a link to your direct Facebook page . As well as add the page link on your video supports for example.

How to boost your Facebook page?

earn likes on facebook Gain likes on Facebook 1 – Share relevant content First of all, it must be said that posting relevant and engaging content is the first thing to remember! And yet few companies put it into practice … Also, to retain your fans on Facebook, you have to add value to your content. , After all, they can unsubscribe in less than 30 seconds. So nothing is taken for granted… #Conseil Relevant content is often like, comment, and most importantly, it can be shared on what will expand your audience to friends of your customers. 2 – Invite your friends and your network Does this trick seem simple and obvious to you? And yet it is too often forgotten.

And you can also ask them for advice on what they expect to see as content on your business page. Important to have user reviews to gain likes . Instagram contest idea 3 – Organize contests Note that contests are one of the best ways to showcase your business. They have been found everywhere for several years, on all networks and by all types of businesses. These contests allow you to develop your notoriety and thus your fans. Indeed, all the contests are alike and put into practice the same conditions: liking the page, identifying friends and sharing the contest.

This method gives you optimal visibility with your fans and their friends

And participate fully in the development of your social media audience. Live Facebook to sell or to communicate with your customers4- Make live videos Today, thanks to the perpetual connection via computers or smartphones, video has become a real essential communication tool. The live video is unique content, with replay and allows you to interact with fans who ask questions in real time. Note that this interaction appeals to users. The live can be used for product demonstrations, site visits, live sales or tutorials. Facebook lives have helped merchants a lot during lockdowns because they have kept a link with fans and customers. And thus get sales through the networks.

To learn more, read communicating on social media during lockdown. Cost of creating an e-commerce site in full ownership5 – Add the Facebook link on your website and in your emails Any ideas for gaining more likes are good to take. Indeed, promoting your social networks through other levers is essential! You can place them at the end of your professional letters (newsletters, email) or on your blog and website at the bottom of the page with the Facebook icon. This will encourage visitors to follow you. If you don’t have a website, you can link your Facebook page to your Google My Business.

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