Is responsible for many users taking it out on their smartphone or tablet. 9. A poor browsing experience NAVIGATION.gif If your page doesn’t look organized. the information doesn’t appear well-structured. and your design isn’t intuitive or user-centric. your visitors will be shipwrecked while navigating it… 10. It has broken links 404.gif Another of the things with which you can be sending a very bad message to your visitors: having broken external links. forms that do not work or that your 404 error page is one of the most visited… 11. No share buttons A very nice page. with very interesting and useful content. but without having the option to share it with a friend or to follow the updates of the page through social networks or an electronic newsletter.

A total waste! With so many ways to present content and make it more enjoyable and digestible through videos. infographics. images. etc.. there is no reason to bother your customers with so much text and more knowing that in most cases people do not read but it scans. 13. Spelling. punctuation and/or poor writing errors 13.gif To finish our list. another aspect that clients usually give a lot of importance to has to do with the writing of the texts and the spelling. An issue to which visitors tend to give a lot of importance but that paradoxically many pages tend to neglect… There are many reasons why Japanese culture has managed to arouse great admiration and respect among other peoples and nations over the years.

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Even with everything and the mistakes Bosnia and herzegovina whatsapp number list may have made in the past. the fact that Japan is today one of the three most powerful economies and a country that in many ways serves as an example for other nations both in the East and in the West. speaks very highly of their culture. and of course also of their companies and their leadership. But these facts by themselves say nothing. When we observe that the country has had to constantly fight against the devastation produced by the military confrontations that it has been involved in and also with the natural disasters that are so frequent in that region of the planet. all this takes on much greater dimensions. Hence. for many. this culture generates great curiosity in a wide variety of areas.

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Especially in Western cultures. This is how we have taken this mysterious but at the same time admirable culture as a reference and we dedicate a space to it to transmit some very useful business tips that you can apply in your company and thus start 2017 on the right foot . >>You may also be interested in: How to Make Amazing Presentations Japanese Style << 1. When negotiating. always look for a win-win While in many Western societies. Being successful in business often means being selfish and seeking profit even at the cost of the other party losing. The Japanese place great importance on honesty and sincerity when doing business. For them. trust in the person and their values are something fundamental that cannot be separated from the professional field.

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Therefore. transparency and doing good are maxims that are part of its culture. According to them. being well (acting with honesty and sincerity). Hand in hand with doing well (doing work in the right way). Inevitably leads to being well (self-realization). which at the same time will bring having (reward economic). Try to improve your processes continuously. The kaizen method has been used for many years in a wide variety of companies. Both Japanese and foreign. with excellent results. This is basically based on the idea that there is always a better way of doing things and that. Every process can be improved to make it more efficient. Therefore. if many companies have applied it and it has given them results. surely you can do it too.

Learn to discern what is important from what is not so important. One of the keys to success at work is that each employee knows how to. determine. What things have the greatest impact on their productivity and have the greatest impact on the results. This can be key to creating routines that help them optimize time. More and know how to distribute it better when they have to carry out several activities. Make cleanliness and organization a priority In fact. you don’t have to. Live in Japan to realize that a pleasant workplace makes employees feel comfortable and. Maintains significant levels of motivation and productivity.

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