A Google Review Is Defamatory If It Harms A Person’s Honor Or Consideration

if it is slanderous or if it concerns your privacy. File a complaint against fake Google reviews If your business is the victim of slanderous Google reviews and the review is not withdrawn, you can file a bashing complaint. We will then speak of denigration and not of defamation which applies only to natural persons. The complaint will be brought against the author to the Tribunal de Grande Instance. The penalty may be severe and may go UK Phone Number Database List up to 2 years’ imprisonment and a fine of € 300,000. Finally, for the deletion of the notice, you will have to be very patient. The Google my business team takes a long time to study your file and remove the notice. It may, moreover, never be deleted.

It could be that your false negative reviews come directly from your competitors, in which case you must bring the proof to the court of what you say. Just as if your competitors are using false positive reviews, you can also report them. In France, the publication of false positive reviews is prohibited and represents a deceptive commercial practice. This practice is also sanctioned by law and can go up to 2 years of imprisonment and a fine of € 300,000. customers’ opinion The cost of legal proceedings for fake Google reviews is good and bad google reviews Before taking any legal action you must make sure that you are fully able to assume the payment of the procedure.

In these procedural costs, you must include:

a lawyer between € 1,800 and € 3,500 (depending on the bar). the costs of the damages suffered if a conviction is made. and the costs for the procedure count between 1500 and 3500 € on average. As you know, deceptive commercial practices are prohibited in France and are punished with a fine and/or imprisonment. On the other hand, the consumer code remains strict regarding any breach of information obligations. This breach is punishable by an administrative fine of up to € 75,000 for a natural person and € 375,000 for a legal person. French law has already sanctioned companies and Internet users who have published opinions when they have not benefited from the services mentioned in court.

Finally, since September 2018, the reference to the standard has been undertaken to guarantee consumers that the opinions posted on its website correspond to identified authors. Extern’Market is an e-reputation agency To counter these problems, you can use an e-reputation agency. She will be able to manage customer reviews as well as fake Google reviews as they should. Our team of social network experts specializes in digitalization, whether on e-reputation or your website while going through the Google My Business page. For more information, go to our services or request a quote by filling out the form below:

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