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A number of Comments growth in the number of subscribers number of shares type of posts that generate the most interactions Follow the KPIs relating to your commercial activity to export your B2B activity Once you have properly developed your digital presence, that you have generated many online leads, it is time to get started. Whether it is because you want to export your B2B activity or as part of commercial development on the national territory, the methodology to be adopted is more or less the same. In both cases, your objective will be to Spain Email List have as many business meetings as possible, in order to sign as many contracts as possible. Thus, the interesting KPIs to follow at this stage are the number of appointments you get the lead/customer conversion

Rate the number of contracts signed the ratio of won/lost contracts the length of the sales cycle the recommendation rate Following certain KPIs is therefore essential to export your B2B activity calmly and as efficiently as possible. You don’t have to follow dozens of different KPIs, however, just select the most relevant. We, therefore, advise you to focus first on the KPIs concerning your online presence and your business development. It is also important to distinguish the KPIs of your activity in France from that you start abroad. Your level of progress is not the same, on the one hand, this would distort your results, and on the other hand, it is indeed two different markets that you must analyze separately.

Are you planning to export your B2B activity?

The question of the costs to be expected to go international should also interest you, as well as that of commercial prospecting on LinkedIn. You can also contact us to finally find an answer to all your questions from our experts! Tasks to keep internally to export your B2B activity It is highly recommended when you are ready to get started in the field, to hire a native who knows the local culture and speaks the language of the target country perfectly. This will thus make it possible to avoid any cultural error during your establishment which could have escaped market research.

In addition, this hiring will make it possible to have someone on-site, in particular, to meet the leads generated online upstream in order to transform them into customers. The other advantage is that you will be able to pilot the majority of your deployment from your home country, without immediately opening an office in the new country. Your initial team will therefore be able to take care of most of the tasks relating to internationalization. The employee on-site will allow him to Externalizable costs to export your B2B activity Regarding all the content to be created and the translation of the website, unless this is your core business, it is advisable to outsource this type of task.

Indeed, producing a large amount of content quickly

Translating your entire site takes a lot of time. Although this step is essential to export your B2B activity, an external service provider will be able to take care of it, allowing you to concentrate on tasks with greater added value. Exporting your B2B activity also requires setting up an after-sales service or maintenance specific to the new target market. Indeed, it is essential to have a resource capable of informing or helping your new foreign customers in their language. This will allow you better customer satisfaction and therefore improve your brand image. The advantage of outsourcing certain costs will allow you to keep control of your budget and avoid unexpected overruns.

Indeed, by contacting an external service provider you know in advance how much you are paying them precisely. Conversely, if you decide to keep certain missions internally, you will be less inclined to follow the cost of each action very precisely. Your budget dedicated to exporting your B2B activity can therefore explode very quickly. In addition, opting for the outsourcing of certain tasks makes it possible to contact experts in their field. You are therefore sure that the mission will be carried out perfectly. Conversely, if you keep certain missions such as after-sales service internally and this is not your preferred area, you risk Concluding, exporting your B2B activity cannot be improvised, certain essential costs are to be expected.

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