Generate prospects and have some tax relief. 1. Events and distinctions that attract investors Several personalities. including the president of the Stock Exchange (BVC) Juan Pablo Córdoba. merchants. commission agents. among others. agree that the signing of the peace agreement opened an important path to attract new investors. In addition. we are the fourteenth country in the world and the first in the region in terms of investor protection. A country that bets on peace is a country that many see with hope and positivity. so much so that in the short time that the year has gone by.

Forbes recommended the country’s capital as one of the places to visit in 2017. “ course to become the best destination in South America”; a boost for those who want to set their eyes on Bogotá. In a few days. exactly from February 2 to 5. the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates was held. with Bogotá being the first Latin American city to hold this Summit. Regarding the event. Mónica de Greiff. President of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce comments: “we are running to bring the World Summit because we believe in the message of reconciliation that the meeting will leave among Colombians”. And not only these events and distinctions make our country a country with a future for business.

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As there have been many more awards Algeria whatsapp number list continue to drive the economic outlook. such as the latest Doing Business 2017 report from the World Bank that ranked Colombia as the second country in Latin America to do business . to be named country of the year 2016 according to The Economist and also stand out as one of the ten fashionable destinations in the renowned Lonely Planet tourism portal. There are really many reasons to be optimistic this year in economic matters. Remember here the reasons why we were the best country of the year. 2. Topics that remain in the tax reform and other points in favor These days everyone talks about the Tax reform and its effects.

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But it is also necessary to know that not all aspects of the reform have changed and that there are several things that are still standing and favor some sectors. benefits-1.png According to the Director of the Dian. Santiago Rojas “benefits are maintained that range from income not constituting income. deductions. exempt income and discounts.” For example. if you work in the hotel sector. you have benefits granted by law for new projects; The wealth tax and the CREE also disappear. the rental rate will go from 34 to 32% for 2019. 47 products of the family basket are excluded from VAT and small merchants who are formalized. will be able to install data terminals with retention-free transactions at the source.

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On the other hand. if you invest in science. technology. donations and unconventional energy. the tax benefits will be maintained. Additionally. if you buy tablets with prices lower than 650.000 pesos or computers with prices lower than 1.000.000 pesos. They will not have VAT. In the same way . small. Medium and large companies that settle in conflict zones will also have lower income tax rates. And VAT tax periods are generally reduced to two ( bimonthly and quarterly). Now. in the free zones. travel agencies. drugstores. Optometries and gift shops will be able to operate. and the area that commercial increase from 5 to 15%.

All these benefits that you can have according to the sector in which your business is develop. Sectors of the economy you can target and why invest Analysts and experts in economic. Matters maintain that the sectors that will have the most movement this year are construction. (focused on 4G road infrastructure). According to the portal . Colombia is the third largest market in Latin America and many multinationals. Have moved their production points to this region due to cost issues. Additionally. it is well know that our country has a strategic geographic location that economies.

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