The audience and build a community around the brand, their true power lies in the information that we can extract from them. Gerente-Marketing-Digital1-552439-edited.pngFrom the networks, relevant data can be obtained from each user, not only demographic and social , but also behavioral: what they like, what time they connect, from what device they do it, how much time they spend consulting the networks, etc. For example, if you have a Facebook fan page for your business, you have a wide variety of statistics at your fingertips to help you better understand your audience.

There are also free tools available, like Twitonomy , that help you measure your activity on Twitter and identify your most active followers. 4. Encourage collaboration and teamwork The essence of the famous web 2.0 is collaboration, participation and interaction. All marketing managers in the digital age need to encourage all three of these elements in their teams to achieve better results. Fortunately, there are now several tools that facilitate teamwork and help organize tasks and time. For example, you can use Basecamp , one of the most widely used collaboration platforms in the world, which allows you to manage projects, assign tasks, determine who is responsible for each topic, and at the same time develop creative processes through spaces to publish ideas.

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You can also use to create virtual Jordan whatsapp number list where team members can display all their ideas visually. It is very useful for brainstorming between people who are not in the same office. 5. Stand out from the pack and come up with something different Gerente-Marketing-Digital2-602971-edited.png If we look at some websites, blogs, virtual stores, or social networks, we will always find similar things: the same content formats, catchphrases, repeated themes, the same images, similar strategies, etc. Unfortunately it seems that we have acquired the habit of copying each other, either for convenience, lack of time, or because we think that in the end the effective actions are only the usual two or three.

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A good digital marketing manager runs away from anything that sounds like repetition. Remember that if the internet allows us to innovate and take risks, which in most cases do not represent so much danger. There are endless possibilities on the web to exploit creativity and surprise consumers, so go beyond the typical and think about how you could make better use of all the digital resources at your fingertips. We recently highlighted in a blog a success story of an SME that, thanks to a good digital marketing strategy, has managed to take its business to another level. Of course, the great protagonist is social networks . Just like this one, many of the country’s small and medium-sized companies develop network strategies from which we can learn.

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For this reason, when taking a look at the social networks most used by some of the largest SMEs. I wanted to highlight a top 5 of the things I learned from them, the which I hope to implement. They know how to choose the social networks in which it is worth making a presence. Sometimes due to ignorance or because it is believed that you have . To be on all networks, companies make mistakes in their digital. Strategy that put the achievement of their objectives at risk. But the truth is that not all of them work the same for all companies. For what is important to know how to choose according to the objectives, type of business and target .

For an SME dedicated to fashion, for example, networks such as YouTube. Instagram or Pinterest can help you have a greater reach and impact than. If you only dedicate your digital efforts to Twitter. These SMEs have known that the most used social networks are important. But that there is also an audience to captivate and eager for content on other networks. They connect and interact with the audience. Who wouldn’t like this comment: “I’ve been a fan of this product since I was a child; I got married and I continue to consume it with my husband and children.

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