Learn how to create an effective account-based marketing funnel that will help you increase sales and better target your customers.

With account-based marketing, you can get more out of your customer base by targeting specific accounts with tailored content and offers.

This guide will show you how to build an ABM funnel that will produce results and provide tips on measuring your ABM funnel’s success and making necessary changes based on the data collected.

An Account-Based Marketing (ABM) funnel is a way to visualize and measure the progress of your marketing efforts for individual accounts.

Account-Based Marketing is a targeted approach to marketing in which you customize your outreach and messaging to appeal to specific high-value accounts. The goal is not just generating leads but nurturing those relationships until they result in closed deals.

The Role of the Funnel in Account-Based Marketing Strategy

The ABM funnel can help you track your progress throughout the sales cycle, from initial awareness through conversion. Using this information, you can also determine where your strategy needs to be adapted for future success.

An account-based marketing approach requires a different mindset Compliance Directors Email Lists than traditional lead-based marketing. With ABM, you are focused on quality over quantity. You want to secure that you reach the right people at the right companies with the right message.

Stages of the Account-Based Marketing Funnel

As a data-driven marketing approach, ABM relies on account intelligence and insights to identify, expand, engage, and advocate your most valuable accounts.

Its 4 Basic Stages are as follows:

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You identify your target accounts in the ABM funnel’s first stage. It requires market segmentation and account selection. Once you’ve identified your target accounts, you need to generate leads and segment all qualified accounts.

For this, you must answer several key questions, such as:

  • What characteristics do these companies share?
  • Are there any specific pain points they have that my product or service can address?
  • How large are these companies?
  • Are they actively engaged in solving this problem?

In the second stage of the ABM funnel, you expand your reach within the target account. You identify the key decision-makers and influencers within the account and find ways to get in front of them with targeted content and messages.

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