Some of your clients. as well as to people who. although they have not yet bought from you. are subscribed to your list and in this way do the exercise to see how they respond. . Finally. remember to measure the impact of your print ads. Whether you’re creating landing pages for each ad. setting up dedicated feedback lines. or attaching a coupon to your flyers. if it’s a discount. it’s vital to know how it’s contributing to your goals. Even though year after year the sales figures and the volume of transactions generated through the web tend to be higher and acquire greater importance when compared to those generated outside the digital environment. electronic commerce still has a long way to go.

One of the things that gives us clues to think that there are still many things to do in this field despite the significant progress it has experienced in recent years. is the fact that from the customer’s perspective there may still be some reluctance towards buying from through digital media. Of course. since this is a “new” way of making transactions to which. as usual. not everyone is used to. in order to ensure that over time the number of people who make purchases online is increasing and even so that companies can get more out of ecommerce . it is necessary to work on providing the customer with security when making the purchase and minimizing the risk they may perceive when using this channel.

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If we start from the “costume” or the Czech republic whatsapp number list decoration of the store. throughout the web it is very possible to find cases in which the sites not only do not generate any type of trust in visitors when buying . but for even worse; They are capable of shocking any visitor just by looking at them and making them have no choice but to flee in terror. These virtual stores or “businesses of terror” usually meet certain characteristics and it is said that their owners are not aware of the curse that hangs over them. So if some of the aspects mentioned below apply to your store. be very careful that it does not end up becoming a real nightmare for you and your visitors. Buajajaaa! The virtual store of terror. aspects that characterize it:

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Unprofessional design …or a terrifying costume giphy-2.gifWhen it comes to building trust with visitors. having an eye-pleasing design is a must. This means that the images you use in your virtual store must be of very good quality and that. In general. the way your website is decorated. in addition to being welcoming. must look tidy. In this sense. it is important that you avoid bothering the visitor with too much information that takes away. The clarity of the design and makes their experience uncomfortable. Always remember that less is more. So a clean and tidy design is better than one that shows too much but ends. Up annoying the customer and causing them to flee as a result.

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They say that there are labyrinths in these stores. Escaping from them can be a feat Although having a pleasant design is essential on a visual level. In reality it is of little use to captivate visitors with a spectacular. Web page if the experience is not good in terms of navigation and if the loading times. Do not help in this regard either. Therefore. keep in mind that as important as having a good setting for. Your store is making it easy to navigate and user-friendly. This includes everything from making it easier for people to find what they are looking. For by allowing them to explore the products it offers by categories. Search box and/or filtering the information based on different criteria (such as price or best sellers.

To making the purchase process very clear and intuitive. Making it easy for the customer to go through. The different stages from adding products to the cart until entering their data and confirming the order. Always remember to keep the process as simple as possible by avoiding any unnecessary. Steps that might deter the visitor from completing the transaction. As well as allowing them to easily make changes to order and returned in the process if necessary.

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