AI and chatbot: a structural transformation of our businesses?

AI and chatbot? Here is a question that is on everyone’s lips and that requires change in every business. Backed by our 35 years of experience in customer relations and commercial prospecting, these new technologies impose many changes on our core business. Whether linked to a digital transformation or a structural reorganization, AI and chatbots are becoming essential for call centers. Indeed, the image of call centers is not always good. This core Paraguay Email List business is often criticized, particularly through low-end outsourcing that does not meet customer expectations. The fact of implementing new technologies such as AI and chatbot gives an additional guarantee of satisfaction. These pledges of satisfaction face changes in consumption patterns in which we are all actors.

If they are not able to answer, calling on a specialized and outsourced call center is the best option. Because yes, even if changes related to consumption patterns force us to digitize ourselves, classic customer relationship tools will always be of paramount importance. Note that according to several studies 80% of clients prefer to speak directly to an advisor. We have been able to draw from our own experience to make the most of it today. Like many companies, we did not know how to take the start of digitalization and our web and social media presence was weak. Word of mouth was the main source of our customers, but today this is not enough. In addition, it is important to always renew ourselves and seek to bring new solutions to our customers. But what if we don’t apply them to ourselves?

So let’s see how new technologies such as AI and chatbots are causing big changes in our industry.

Changes linked to changes in consumption patterns. Force Plus has been around for 35 years and has always been able to cope with changes in consumption patterns. The main reason is simple, that of always satisfying customers by seeking to innovate every moment. These innovations were built over time and today we are committed to being innovative in an environment considered archaic. Indeed, most people see call centers as services where the staff is made up of incapable people. However, the reality is quite different and our experience proves it. We have a satisfaction rate of almost 98%.

To achieve this result, we have implemented processes geared towards new technologies. Today, for example, we have developed marketing tools for customers to come to us. These actions complement the historical actions of our businesses in order to build a relationship of trust. Providing digital tools that are essential today and being pioneers is just as important. However even if digital is the sinews of war today, AI and chatbot are the future. We now know that customer satisfaction depends on the speed and precision of the answers given. Indeed, these tools make it possible to answer a good number of questions and to provide precise and rapid information.

The impact of digitization in our daily life

The use of digital tools has become an obligation as soon as we do customer relations. Thinking in a multichannel way is essential today to be able to reach as many people as possible. No matter what business sectors you belong to, a digital presence and the use of these tools are essential. This always makes it possible to capture more leads than a simple cold telephone prospecting.
However, the classic means of communication should not be called into question. As mentioned earlier, 80% of customers or prospects prefer to speak directly with someone. The notion of human contact is therefore clearly the solution.

Based on our experience, digitization is an issue that we have been dealing with for over 20 years. It is important for us to offer a multi-channel service to our customers through various technical supports. To support our remarks more, we are going to split our thought process in two. The first part on digitization in our company, the second on the use of traditional communication channels.
Digitization in our company To begin with, the issue of digitization is for us an important lever that we want to offer our customers. Even if we were slow to position ourselves on certain digital channels, we are now able to offer a multi-channel experience.

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