I have done many collection tasks before. For example, I didn’t know how to make a UI interface at the Albania Phone Number beginning, so I collected a lot of interfaces.

1. How to Improve Interaction Ability

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Many children who have just starte do not know how to improve their design skills. In fact, there is a very simple method, that is, “collecting”!

I have done many collection tasks before. For example, I didn’t know how to make a UI interface at the beginning. So I collecte a lot of interfaces.

Differentiate reference materials by different page types, such as home page, home page, order page, personal center, and list page.

Then all the pages can be divide into more than a dozen categories. When you can’t do it, you can see how others do it. In this way, at least you don’t have to worry about lack of inspiration. At least 2-3 schemes can be produce according to different references. And then you only need to judge which scheme is more suitable for your scene~


Thanks to this interface library, whenever students in the department have questions about typesetting and layout, they will come to me for advice. Of course, the page problems encounter at work are also easily solved by me.

With the improvement of interface design ability, my pain point later shift to thinking ability. Why do others think so deeply? How to develop systematic thinking ability?

So I start reading a lot to see what other people thought about the same product/design problem. After I read it, I have classifi and sorted out the valuable content in Yuque’s knowledge base, which is convenient for later retrieval (here are all the articles I have read and carefully selected), and now there are 500+ articles accumulat, pay attention The number of people is also over 500+, and excellent articles will be continuously updated in the future.

There are also many students who want to know my article classification method, so here is a brief description, I will mainly divide it into: user research / product / design / data / brand / self-improvement and so on according to the design workflow.

For example, I start to do B-side design later, so I needed to study issues related to B-side products, and opened a new “B-side knowledge base”. The categories are also organized according to the same logic.


So this year, I want to attack the interaction ability, so I opened this section to collect how to do good product interaction, and I also hope to share it with you.

2. What should experience designers pay attention to?

When each user uses our product, it is like passing a level. In the process of passing the level, the experience designer is sometimes an assistant who adds magic and defense and blood bars to him, and sometimes turns into a description of the plot and guides the user to complete the process. NPC for the next mission.

A good user experience is nothing more than optimization based on the entire user’s process of completing a task (use path). Here I divide the process into three stages:

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