All of them are destined to be what is the main motivation for creating an identity for your brand. Ó How do you distinguish your consumers from a whole lot of other products? Thank you for your logo.

The process of designing a logo is long, as you do not have to deal with it alone because you want to get the number, you want the attraction of the consumer and hacker to be grabbed in memory.

The Logo Is Designed

To create the visual image of the company and is the maximum expression of the personality of a brand. It complements your website.

The website should be considered Kazakhstan Phone Number as the primary point of contact for many clients, but as such, communicating your brand design and web site should be imperative for any company claiming to triumph in the digital world.

The Reality Is That There

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However Are no rules for designing a logo, designers generally agree with all creative licenses, as an embargo, there are many features that should be consider ¿Cools the elements that the Starbucks, Apple or McDonald logo have hace icónicos?

Descúbrelo aquí

1. Tener el historial
However First of all, what do you design? Save your history, logs, initial phrases, where you can inspire and find an appropriate style. Keep track of what the emotion is about, status levels, experiences, etc.

However Hacerte las preguntas correctas te evita, en un futuro, muchas corrections. ¿Por qué esta aquí? What creates the image of your brand? Ha Which haces and porcelain haces? ¿What is the most valuable part of your negotiation?

If not, you are not directing the form directly on a style, but you are sure the idea is clear, but you are preparing intentions, sentiments, expectations that your design has to do with the moon.

2. Employment with basic figures
The more we record, the more likely we are that the attenuation is the base, the more the brain does not process much.

Combining with the most basic element / service of the negotiation, playing with its variants, reproducing different varieties and keeping all the results.

In other words The creative process does not have to be an order, surge of pulse or recuperation, these sketches can serve more adeptly as creations that give you inspiration.

3. White and black
In other words Blank in white and black te permite jugar complementary with the shapes and in the basic idea that they transmit. If you note that what we record is the idea and the form, the colors are despis.

4. It is original
In other words Yes, we have to say that the original porque is the point of creating a brand, unique. We do not sell because there are only four brands that can be pair between them and part of the graphic.

Typographic typographies, similar elements, objects that are basically the same as all us.Debes find the balance between identifying with the condition and being original.

5. No seas muy literal
In other words if you repair refrigerators, you do not have to put one on your logo. Under the embargo, just make sure that it smells like shell, and triunfaron. How do we do it, no definite rules, only ideas and a lot of sentiment for your logo design.



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