Did you know that 55% of online shoppers go to Amazon to start a product search Amazon SEO: A Guide ?

“Amazon has become a reference for consumers,” Amazon SEO: A Guide Jason Seeba, director of marketing at BloomReach, told Bloomberg Tech. “Consumers find products and prices on Amazon first.

If you’re looking for products that your target audience likes and finds useful, it’s Amazon. In order to get your Amazon online, you need to use some SEO tactics to showcase your products and business.

The following will serve as your guide to optimizing and ranking your products on Amazon on the world’s largest retail site

Learn about Amazon Results Pages

Learn about the intricacies Russia Mobile Number of how Amazon presents products that are good for your products. They have almost two result page formats.
List view with 15 product results covering all departments.

When searching for specific categories and departments, each page displays 24 results.

Understanding results pages is a bit like knowing how many positions are on a Google results page, with their own ad types and organic search results.

The other key part of the Amazon results page is the filter field (sidebar) located on the left side of the page.

Users of the navigation filter will get a subset of the original search query. This makes it increasingly important to complete all fields in your product listing.

For example, if you’re searching for 16GB iPhone 6 listed”, you’ll want to make sure the field is filled in when the iPhone is listed. Otherwise, consumers interested in only the 16GB memory size may miss your listing.

There are also sponsored products listed at the bottom of the results page. These products are PPC optimized, just like AdWords ads you can find on the Google site.

Just like Google ads, you want to have a tight keyword mix, only this time you want to embed it in your title and description.

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Learn about Amazon’s query parameters

You should pay attention to the query string parameters used on the Amazon platform. Knowledge of these query parameters will help your products to be more likely to be presente to consumers.

If you’re familiar with how Google builds urls from their query string parameters, Amazon will be easier to digest mentally.

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