Websites with up-to-date information that is relevant and of interest to your target audience are more likely to generate sales and increase your leads. Rand Fishkin – CEO and founder of Moz “The best way to sell something is: don’t sell anything. earn memory. respect and trust from those who might buy”. Unlike years ago when the way to attract sales was by offering the product directly. today the sale must occur as a natural result of the consolation of a community. The Internet is the ideal platform for this. Richard Branson – Founder of Virgin Group “The key is to realistically meet customer expectations. and therefore it’s not just about meeting them. it’s about exceeding them. preferably in unexpected ways.

The Internet is the great communication channel for today’s consumers; surprise them with stunning web pages and engaging content. Exchange opinions with them and. if possible. make their dreams come true. Phil Fernandez – President and CEO of Marketo “The reality is that we are just at the beginning of a transformation in marketing: 1-to-1 communication. continuous engagement. behavioral information and an integrated marketing experience.” Thanks to the Internet. companies are reaching their audience more directly and quickly. offering them new experiences with brands. Brian Halligan – CEO of Hubspot “The buyer is more than 50 percent sure whether or not he is going to be your customer. all because he relied on information he discovered online.

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This means that your website and content are Belgium whatsapp number list in fact. the deciding factor for most purchases.” Such is the importance of a website in the purchase decision that HubSpot highlights that – to a lesser or greater degree – web pages influence 97% of the buyer’s decision. Brian Halligan – CEO of Hubspot ” What separates good content from great content is a willingness to take risks and open the envelope.” Companies that want to attract sales through the Internet must understand that it is not only about offering good content. but that it must be excellent. Take a risk and offer content in different formats that attract attention.Steve Jobs – Co-founder and CEO of Apple “The minimalist prevails and the ornate went down in history.

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The cleaner and simpler. the better. The most attractive pages are those that have a simple design. Manage fonts and color properly. and have a balance between text and graphic elements. The website is your cover letter; don’t neglect it . Guy Kawasaki – Marketing Expert “The content must be valuable and useful for the user. whether it is because it informs. educates. entertains or analyzes. Ask yourself: would the user be willing to risk their digital reputation to spread the content you published? Also ask yourself if you would particularly share your company’s content on your own networks. If the answer is “no”. consider making adjustments.

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Philip Kotler – Economist and father of modern marketing “Dedicate space on your website to display testimonials from satisfied customers. Preferably it should be on video. Although a text with its own name and a photo of the client also works. This gives credibility to the brand and builds trust among potential buyers. The experiences that others have with your product or service are the best showcase for your business. Expose those stories on your different digital channels. 36. David Ogilvy – Fundador Ogilvy & Mather “The titles on your website are not only essential on the web. they are the hook that potential customers will see in social networks. emails. ads and blogs.

Try to capture the user’s attention with them and arouse their interest”. Get creative. explore ways to tell customers about things. and entice with headlines. That is the first step for them to stay reading your content and arouse interest in what you offer them. 37. David Ogilvy – Fundador Ogilvy & Mather “If it doesn’t sell. it’s not creative” Key! If your digital strategy (website. social networks. email campaigns . etc.) are not generating sales or new prospects. something is wrong. Analyze how creative you are being and remember that if you don’t innovate you will be one more among many. Jeff Bezos – CEO and founder of Amazon “Your brand is what someone else says about you when you’re not there.

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