In the first place Good product documentation has always served as a sales tool. A days, I hear a lot about product documentation as a marketing asset. The difference is that the documentation now resides in that. Big briefcase in the sky, and customers rarely need the salesperson anymore.

In addition How can documentation serve Iceland WhatsApp Number List an organization’s marketing goals by making customers happier and potentially winning new customers? A team from Intel recently found a way to achieve this by using smart content strategies.

Here I share Intel’s story based on a white paper titled Optimizing Mobile Device Design with Targeted Content , which Intel IT published in April. (Unless otherwise noted, quotes in this article are from this white paper.)

The old approach

In the first place Intel manufactures, among other things,  and powerful chips that are into mobile devices. Manufacturers of devices that use these chips need documentation to help them design their smartphones and tablets. For years, Intel has provided documentation in PDF form.


It’s easy to imagine that these Intel customers (designers of mobile devices) struggled to find the information they needed. And it’s easy to imagine that Intel engineers spent many hours guiding these designers to the right information.

In addition A team made up of several Intel groups – including a technical communication group, a content management and training group, and members of Intel IT – worked together to tackle the issue of document length as well as to other problems, like these:


How Intel did it

To achieve its goals, the Intel team designed a new content repository, a new customer-facing portal, a new content structure, and new processes . Here is an overview of each of these aspects.

New Content Repository

While the old documentation consisted of huge PDF files stored in various places, the new documentation consists of XML files stored in a content management system.

New customer-oriented portal

While the old approach required mobile design customers to log into separate portals. The new portal, called intel® mobile design center , gives customers. A single “Consistent, interactive, and highly visual user interface” through. Which they can easily search, compile and subscribe to topics of interest.

Customers serve themselves, finding and assembling the documentation components they need. They don’t require as much help from Intel engineers anymore.

In addition he new documentation portal, called Intel® Mobile Design Center , “delivers a targeted user experience based on customer permissions and goals.” (Image used with permission. Copyright Intel Corporation.)

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New content structure and new processes

In the first place The team created a content structure that allowed for precise and self-directed research.

Coupled with The team members decided to create all new content in topic-based DITA XML format. They couldn’t justify the effort it would have taken to convert all legacy content. ​​hundreds of thousands of pages – to this format. But they did convert the most critical legacy content. And they’ve found a way to make even old pdfs accessible. Through the portal so it can serve as a one-stop-shop for customers looking for documentation. On mobile device design.