I recently read the book The Heart Sutra of Products. It said that when designing a function, think about how you would design a function if you were a product manager of Tencent.

Since I have never been a product manager of Tencent, let’s analyze some of Tencent’s products first.

There are two product forms of WeChat reading software, one is a small program and the other is an APP.

Today’s analysis is to answer this function every day.

What does the user need to do? Enter the activity in the applet/APP, answer 12 questions correctly, you can get free book coins or free reading cards.

Answers successfully improved user retention analysis

After the answer is successful, the service notification will forward the corresponding prompt, how many book coins/days of unlimited card to get, the unlimited card is generally 1-2 days, that is to say, in fact, it only takes half a day or a day for you You Thailand Phone Number can stop answering the questions. If you want to continue to enjoy the free service, you need to answer the questions.

Answering questions-incentives-reward expiration-answering questions forms such a closed loop, so that if users want to continue to enjoy free services, they need to continue to answer questions, so the retention rate of users will increase.

Failure to answer questions to improve user sharing rate analysis

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From a social point of view, if a user fails to answer a question. New users can be acquired and conversions can be improved. And there is a time limit. If the time is exceeded, the answer will be unsuccessful, so it is very important for users to respond in a timely manner .

So if you want to be successful in resurrection. The safest thing is to forward a few more users, because “answering” is an untimed action. For a certain user, he may answer the question while taking the subway, or answer the question while eating, and the time may vary. Regular, but for users who are forwarded to request help, they may not be able to respond in time within the specified three minutes, so either the user who answers the question has another account to respond in time, or it needs to forward a few more friends to increase the timely response. the probability of a response.

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