Analyze the Reach and Engagement of Your Page With Facebook Audience Insights

Have you just launched your Facebook page for your business and you want to know how to calculate its reach and the engagement of your audience? Thanks to Facebook audience insights , simply obtain statistics to know which publications appeal to the El Salvador Phone Number List most to your fans and are to be favored during your next posts. Jadéclo explains how to use Facebook audience insights and analyze the most important statistics of your professional page.

click on “Export data” Step 3: choose the analysis period with the start and end date Step 4: click on “OK” and “Export data” Step 5: in Excel, sum the daily organic reach “Daily Organic Reach” over the desired period (as in the following visual) Measure the precise reach of your page with Facebook audience insights add your reach with Facebook and Excel audience insights In addition to accurately giving you your overall organic reach over the month, Method 2 lets you know at a glance which days worked the best. You can therefore very quickly make the link between the strong days and the posts that made it possible to reach these scores.

The Full Reach of Your Network

Get your posts seen, this is the # 1 goal for your Facebook page. This is because the stronger your organic (natural) reach, the more you increase your chance of gaining new fans . These fans will then discover your products and services and who knows, will become customers of your business. Plus, organic reach gives you a trend on the overall health of your business Facebook page . This is the first Facebook stat that can alert you to mismanagement of your page or content that your audience doesn’t like. It is essential to limit the too frequent and too important decreases in range.

How to measure the total reach of your Facebook page? Method 1: the simple and approximate calculation proposed by Facebook audience insights (which takes into account the clicks on your publications) Step 1: go to the “statistics” of your page Step 2: click on the “Cover” tab (on the left) Step 3: choose the analysis period with a start date and an end date Step 4: Make sure to scan only for organic reach Step 5: find “your average over this period” and multiply it by the number of days in the period Quickly calculate the reach of your page with facebook audience insights Method 2: the complex but precise calculation of the organic scope Step 1: go to the statics of your page

Engaging Your Audience

Engagement is a Facebook stat to consider and pair with reach analysis. The Facebook engagement rate is the ratio between the organic reach of a post and the number of interactions received . In other words, the engagement rate lets you know out of 100 people who see your post, how many have “liked, commented or shared”. You will be able to know which types of publications work the best, those which make the fans / non-fans of your page react, the time at which it is preferable to publish, etc … How to measure engagement on your Facebook page? We will now see three methods of measuring engagement on Facebook. One that Facebook calculates directly and two more that you can simply get on your own.

Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, it’s up to you to use the one that best suits your needs. Method 1: Facebook audience insights calculates an approximate engagement for you (rounded to the unit and which takes into account the clicks on the post) Step 1: go to the statics of your page Step 2: click on “Publications” on the left Step 3: select the data you want (“Interaction rate” in our case) Step 4: analyze your interaction rates post by post facebook audience insights gives you the approximate engagement of your page Method 2: calculate yourself a precise interaction rate for each post Step 1: go to the statics of your page Step 2: click on “Publications” on the left

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