And organize your ads as consistently as possible. This will give you higher relevance in Google and you will have a better ranking and performance. If we are talking. for example. about a flower shop. where we have addresses and a seasonal promotion. let’s not try to include everything in one place. Select three determining categories under which you will display your keywords and the content of your ads. like this: Flowers in promotion . Flowers at home . Flowers (brand) . When you define the categories. exploit the best features of it and define the keywords and the content of the ad focusing on this.

Add ad extensions Ad extensions are a feature that adds a lot of value to our campaign and is rarely used. With them you will increase the quality of your campaign and the number of clicks received. There are several extensions you can use: Location: Those users who are close to your location will be able to see your business on a map. Sitelink: Add different links from your site that will help users find what they are looking for. Call: you can insert a button for users to call you directly from the browser. Reviews: if they speak well of your business on the network. you can insert reviews of recognized sites where they have the experience with your brand.

We Hope That These Aspects

App: A link will be added to the ad Australia whatsapp number list users can directly download your app. Legends: different descriptive texts that will help the user to better understand what they will find on your site. 7. What is not measured does not exist You have the opportunity to continuously monitor your campaign. Don’t wait for it to finish to make optimizations and draw conclusions. Be constantly aware of changes and results and make timely decisions: add keywords. pause those that are not serving you. implement new ads in the most popular categories. increase the bid on certain words. etc. You can’t sit idly by once you implement a campaign.

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A large part of its success depends on the correct follow-up and the good decisions that you make with the results that are obtained. Follow these recommendations to the letter and we assure you that your campaign will perform better than expected. Keep in mind that everything is a process of growth and learning. but the tools are at hand for those companies that wish to take advantage of them and get the most out of them according to their objectives. Don’t be left behind! If you enter the search engine and enter a keyword related to your business. your competitors will surely appear. If they take advantage of technological tools. why not you?

Understand Your Audiences

One of the big problems with online stores is that they can’t retain visitors long enough to make a sale . The truth is that on the Internet the level of attention is low: users no longer read but scan. The eyes go from one side to the other and the finger is very quick to click. in an environment where there are multiple distractions and millions of websites to explore. In fact. according to a Nielsen study. websites that do not implement basic strategies to retain the attention of visitors are abandoned by users during the first 10 seconds of the visit. while those that do are explored for 2 minutes. or more. And what are those strategies that we must take into account to capture and maintain the interest of the user? Here are 5 guidelines that will help you sell a product online in less time: 1.

The most important information should be the most striking. True useful and effective web design is not one that makes a site look nice and shiny. But one that identifies and highlights the most important elements. What do you need people to know? That is precisely what should stand out above anything else. Whether it’s your value proposition. your flagship product. or your Call To Action . the goal is to make it stand out. Here keep in mind that if everything is the same. nothing stands out. You need to establish contrast so that people feel attracted to what is truly important.

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