For which operating system am I going to develop my application? The most used operating systems are iOS. for iPhone and iPad. and Android. for other mobile devices. You must choose which one you are going to create your application for. or whether you want to cover both. Please note that the requirements and quality standards are different. In fact. iOS has a higher level of demand when it comes to approving applications so that they can be included in the App Store. 10. Can I improve and update my application periodically? The idea is not to create the application and leave it abandoned. It needs to be updated frequently: add new things. improve functions. change elements. etc. Even listening to user suggestions and comments is essential to ensure that the app is always up to date and keep the public satisfied.

Ready to develop your app? What do you think will be the most difficult obstacle to overcome? During the course of this year we have seen a growth in companies that have made the decision to create a virtual store for their business. Studies show that 76% of Colombian Internet users buy online and that Colombia will reach 2.53 billion internet sales in 2018. That is why companies and SMEs are firmly pointing to this channel. since there are many other reasons why they should say yes to e-commerce: attract new customers. increase productivity with a 7X24 business and offer a new way of acquisition of their products remotely. initially represent the needs that entrepreneurs have when taking this big step.

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However. when starting with this idea Iceland whatsapp number list when implementing it. most people ask themselves: How can I get users who are browsing the Internet to get to know my virtual store and provoke the purchase? Here are 10 infallible tips that will help you clear up this big question mark: 1. Define which customers you want to reach with your web store First of all. you must define who you want to sell to. this will help you establish the way in which you will speak on it. how to display your products and identify the best way to distribute them within the platform to generate a very good browsing and buying experience. For the users. Keep in mind that your face-to-face client may be different from your digital client.

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Being two different channels. you can broaden your perspective and go a little further than what you are conventionally used to dealing with. 2. Always have an anchor product that encourages the customer to make the first purchase Your portfolio can be broad. it is a matter of identifying which are the most sought-after or most demanded products/services so that. through these. you can engage users with your virtual store. Although the vast majority of companies have business opportunities on the Internet. the world e-commerce market is divided into: 69% products and 31% services. So knowing the numbers will help you structure the strategy and how to execute it.

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The main banner should change at least once a week Your e-commerce is a showcase but digital; keeping it up-to-date will help it not to become a landscape and. on the contrary. manage to crave the people who are visiting it. 4. At the time of making a promotion. do not forget to put the previous and current price. Believe it or not. this will land the user on the value they are saving if they decide to buy from you. Currently. 30% say they decide to buy online if they find good deals. so this is a good opportunity. 5. On the first page show your winning products. Giving reference to the products that you are selling the most not only generates. Trust but also motivates the purchase. since it shows that other people have worked with these products. 6. Update your products constantly.

This will help you refresh your virtual store and identify which are the most profitable products. Which ones require an additional tactic to sell them (kits. discount coupons. etc.) and of course. it will make inventory management easier.  Have a detailed description of your products. In this regard. you may find yourself faced with two situations: the first is that your product/service is similar. but not exactly the same as the competition. In this case . honest and creative copy will make a big difference and motivate the purchase. A second option is when you sell the same product that there are many web stores. In this case . it is essential to make your own description (at least for the products with the most rotation). In this way you will have a point in your favor to improve search engine positioning.

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