And with friendly language that is close to them. 6. That allows them to live experiences The best websites for Millennials are a door to live new experiences. For it: Offer them the possibility to download discount coupons, have preferential access to an event or, why not, send them a sample of your product. Invite them through the web to a special event at your point of sale and there, make them feel like VIPs. Let the shopping experience be enjoyable too. For them it is important that the website offers the possibility of making transactions online.

That they have access to social networks 95% of Millennials prefer active brands in networks and with great interaction: Have the buttons or icons of your social networks on the web page. If you prefer, give them the possibility to click “Like” directly from the website without having to enter the social network. Make the latest Instagram tweets, posts or photos visible on the page. It is a way to make visible what others say about you or your latest news on the networks. Don’t forget to engage with your audience, respond to comments, and generate engaging messages. Conclusion: What young people expect from a website The youth and young adults of the Millennial generation are basically ‘addicted’ to the Internet.

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For this reason, the best web pages Japan whatsapp number list for this audience have understood what they like to see and have adapted their sites to their preferences. The key is to give them useful and relevant content, a simple and modern design, offer them different experiences and, above all, make them easy to access from mobile. You as a marketer have many resources at your disposal to achieve the best results, but you also have to overcome many challenges in very competitive markets and in front of very demanding audiences. In the first article on how to be a marketing manager in the digital age , we started by putting together some guidelines that will help you do your job better.

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Here are five more that you should be putting into practice right now: 1. Try and try until you find the best option Before the digital boom. It was not known for sure if a marketing campaign would work as needed. Some previous studies were done. But it was not really possible to predict if the actions would be effective or if the audience would respond well. But now the digital age has made it easy for us to test in real time, interact openly with users for feedback, and make all the changes we want without having to destroy months of work.

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Any marketing manager in the digital age must try and rehearse , over and over again. All the actions they want to develop to ensure that the objectives will be met. We are in the era of tests like A/B testing , or live motorization, for a reason. The best thing is that, particularly on the web, campaigns. Can be improved on the fly according to the behavior of our audience and the market. The goal is to try different options and methods to find out which one works best. 2. Immerse yourself in the digital universe In 2015, global mobile browsing surpassed desktop browsing for the first time. This trend is expected to increase during 2016. So it is high time to create robust and long-term strategies for mobile devices.

For a long time , mobile browsing was an undervalued area in the world of marketing. But in recent years it has grown exponentially. This is a pending task for marketing managers who tend to put more effort into other channels. Obviously, no element of the proposed strategy can be neglected. But it is necessary to create more balanced campaigns that give their fair share to. A segment that is currently as important and influential as mobile. Use social media wisely Social networks have become indispensable work tools in strategic marketing. However, there are still those who do not take full advantage. Of these channels and limit themselves to opening profiles, publishing posts and responding to comments.

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