Exaggerating the social implications that these can have). Knowing that as individuals we make decisions based on emotions and justify them with reason. the emotional component within communication is too important to be left aside. So keep that in mind. Partner with other businesses Undoubtedly. one of the best ways to take advantage of the seasons is to ally with other brands that are not direct competitors but that target the same target market in order to promote themselves together. This means that. for example. a professional hairdresser or makeup artist could team up with a costume rental business at Halloween to offer a discount on makeup to each person who rents a costume; Likewise.

A florist could join forces with a cupcake business and deliver a package of love and friendship that includes flowers and cakes to their customers. receiving a special price on the cupcakes . or vice versa. Now. you may be wondering how this relates to the topic at hand. Well. the answer is simple: alliances. in addition to being an excellent way of exposing themselves to clients of related businesses and being beneficial in many ways . allow companies to share expenses in promotional material (such as printed material. for example). and this represents a great advantage and ample reason to take them into consideration.

Ones To Appear On And When

Offer information instead of selling Even Cyprus whatsapp number list discounts. which in high season becomes landscape and we could practically say that it does not generate a great impact. pretending to sell from the outset without the client knowing him or there being a previous relationship is like asking for marriage on the first date. Therefore. nothing better than combining the power of print with the virtues of the online world to. through a URL or QR code. offer a free document in the form of a downloadable e-book with tips to decorate your home for Christmas ( in the case of a decoration store) and. in return. obtain contact details of qualified prospects..

Cyprus whatsapp number list

In this way you can continue to nurture the relationship with these people through email marketing and build trust by sending useful information. which can be mixed with commercial content. Thus. once people have subscribed to your database. they can be more receptive to your promotions and seasonal discounts. However. try to prepare your promotional material well in advance of the date so that it has a good impact. 6. Combine print with the power of mobile technology Speaking of combining the best of both worlds (print and digital media).

You Need To See Results

What better way to do it than to use QR codes and augmented reality to increase. The possibilities of your print and allow people to expand the information. Without the need to put more text of the necessary in the announcements. The good thing about uniting offline and online actions . In addition to generating a much more suggestive experience. As is the case with the use of mobile technology. Is that the impact of printouts and calls to action can be better measured. by bringing people to a field where everything is measurable. 7. Make it easy to find in the directory Unlike newspapers or magazines. publications whose useful life can be days. weeks or. in the best of cases. months. and whose cost per ad can be quite high.

Telephone directories allow you to keep your ads in force for much longer and all. This with the advantage of complementing them with the QR codes that we talked about in the previous point. Augmented reality and presence in the online directory. In addition. compared to other options (including the Google search engine). This one presents a high purchase intention according to the. Data shown here . Other recommendations To finish. keep in mind that in addition to sending your contacts via e-mail. Sending them a printout (such as a well-designed catalog or brochure. With attractive photos) can be more striking and impressive than a piece digital.

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