Application, Organization and Work: the Keys to an Effective Working Day

Your working days are very busy, so you want to optimize your time by organizing yourself properly. In order to be more efficient and more productive in each of your tasks, turn to the use of a work organization application . Understanding how they work and knowing the benefits of using these tools is essential for a more productive day. So, how do you organize Georgia Phone Number List your work day efficiently ? How does a typical day go for an employee? At Jadéclo , we tell you everything! We give you advice on finding the right organization in order to optimize your time and find the right tools .

a global visibility on your schedule for the day and will only have to move them to classify them in the order you want. Good to know : Asana has a free version which gives you access to a lot of options at first. For additional options such as Adobe Creative Cloud integration or customization of your templates, it will be necessary to upgrade to the paid version .An instant messaging service that allows you to stay in constant contact with your colleagues and all your collaborators . In itself, the application is closer to the cat. It allows you to communicate in several ways: Slack is one of the most efficient work organization apps Create your private conversation with the person of your choice. An additional option even allows you to make private group conversations.

You Have Just Arrived at Work, Direction Asana

In principle, the first thing you do when you arrive at work in the morning (after having had your coffee) is to visualize what your tasks are for the day to organize your day according to urgent things or not to do. For this, Asana will be your best ally . So what exactly is Asana? Asana is an application of work organization, a tool for task management and project management to facilitate your organization. asana is a work organization application It is a collaborative platform that helps you synchronize as a team and allows you to have an overview of your day and that of your colleagues.

The Asana Work Organization App For better organization at work, it’s simple: after creating an Asana account, each member has their own calendar , their personal workspace. Then just create a task that can be completed with subtasks . To better organize yourself, do not hesitate to add deadlines (date deadlines) for a certain time or date in order to know exactly when to finish your task. Your to-do-list is therefore ready. Check off a task when it’s done and move on to the next! The advice made in Jadéclo : organize your list according to the priorities to save additional time. You will then have

You Read Your Agenda: What Are Your Appointments for the Day?

The day continues, a new appointment has just been confirmed, you immediately integrate it into your agenda. To be able to organize yourself properly, you have decided to write down all your appointments in Google Calendar . Convenient, you can even receive an SMS or an alert on your phone to remind you of your important meetings. So, it’s impossible to miss the news, thanks to the application’s synchronization on all your devices. Google Calendar is on your computer, phone and tablet . This work organization application has the advantage of being able to be shared with your employees . No need to inform them of each of your trips, you save time during your working day.

Google Calendar is one of the most useful work organization apps The Google Calendar work organization application Forget the good old paper diary, you have an overview to organize yourself properly and optimize your working time. In addition, Google Calendar is searchable even offline , you have access to your schedule whenever you want. The little extra : it can be personalized at will! Define a color for each customer, personalize alerts… Even better, certain events can even be added automatically (plane tickets, business lunches…). 10AM – HEAD TO SLACK, WE NEED YOUR ADVICE FOR A PROJECT Throughout your day, you need to stay in touch with your people . To get a quick response, forget about the good old email, it’s on Slack that everything happens . What is Slack ?

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