Are B2B social networks essential for everyone?

B2B social networks are today at the heart of all discussions, whether at a professional or personal level. Indeed, the controversies around these communication tools are more and more numerous. However, in many cases, social media is a real advertising boost. Today, B2B social networks are a real influencing factor and are an integral part of a digital marketing strategy. At the heart of your marketing and sales strategy, reputation can increase or falter Wallis and Futuna Islands Email List your sales. But for many industries, B2B social networks are not a priority. Indeed, certain sectors of activity are so small that their targets are few. In addition, social networks can be called into question in relation to your targets.

The question is therefore to know if your targets are present on the networks while knowing on which they are active. Therefore, we can ask ourselves if a social media strategy would be essential for all industries? Social networks in B2B a first step towards digital? For most people, digital means website and social and media, because it gives direct visibility to a brand. Social networks are easy to set up and develop whether they are nested in a 360 ° digital strategy or not. In a way, social networks are a first step towards digital, we could say.

Despite all the controversy surrounding these media

social networks are now widely used across the world. Many statistics converge to show that its use makes it the number 1 type of media in the world. Statistics show that there are: 4.1 billion Internet users around the world, i.e. 54% of the world population 3 billion internet users are active on social networks, i.e. 43% of the world population or 61% of internet users 2.2 billion are active on Facebook 1.5 billion view at least one video on YouTube per day 1h20 is the average time spent per person per day in France 1h36 is the average time spent per person by Generation Z in France 95% of Generation Z people watch at least one video per day on Youtube All these statistics show the weight that social networks have on our daily lives.

A Google study shows that 74% of Internet users do a research before buying a product or service. These same Internet users learn more about social networks and are attentive to the opinions of other consumers. Social networks therefore contribute to a company’s reputation for good or for bad. Do all sectors of activity need a social media strategy? But the real question we can ask ourselves is whether or not social media is useful for everyone. Indeed, adopting a digital strategy and more particularly a social media strategy cannot be done by halves.

The usefulness of social networks in B2B in a digital strategy?

Are B2B social networks really useful in a digital strategy? We have seen previously that from a statistical point of view there was a real interest in taking a position there. Indeed, the potential value of the market being so strong that one could say that social networks are essential to all. But what is the typology of these users and more particularly of your targets? For most companies, social networks are very important in a digital strategy and those at several levels which are: For the dissemination of your company’s content and know-how. Your objective is to make known your skills as well as your point of view on your specializations and that of your targets.

The goal is to promote yourself Building a community and engaging them with you so that they are your first opinion leaders. Show your ability to turn to digital Involving your community in your strategy and making them not consumers but consumer – actors. Having a new lever for customer relations. Social networks have a real utility. We see it through our own experience within Force Plus where in 1 year our social media strategy has paid off. In summary, social media have contributed to: Triple the number of visits to our site Be a major player in customer relations in France Federate a real community and become influential on various marketing and sales issues Increase our ranking and our overall authority of our site to be better referenced on Google.

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