Are call centers still popular in 2019?

2018 was synonymous with big changes, but 2019 is all about new technologies. Call centers in 2019 will have to deal with new technologies before responding to increasingly growing demands which are: Improving the customer experience through digital tools An increasingly digital and human-oriented customer relationship These changes implied by digitization force us to rethink the way we practice our profession: customer relations. What will become of Haiti Email List traditional commercial and communication channels such as call centers? How will human relations evolve in a world in full digitalization? Adopting digital does not mean abandoning human relations. Call centers in 2019 will need human needs more than ever.

Even if consumption habits are evolving and moving more towards digital, maintaining human interaction remains essential. In addition, a study conducted by Mckinsey shows that 80% of respondents wish to maintain human interaction. This may seem paradoxical when the same study shows that 90% of people do not like call centers. This bad image due to services outsourced abroad very clearly taint the profession. Despite this image, the desire for interaction remains essential for the quality of the customer experience but no longer leaves room for errors.

Reputation is an important factor for companies today

This is why it is important to choose the right call center. We can therefore ask ourselves how the call centers in 2019 will do to continue to renew themselves and bring a high satisfaction rate, Call centers in 2019 as close as possible to people Call centers in 2019 will have to question themselves through digital technology and multiply their channels. However and as McKinsey studies show, call centers in 2019 will have to keep human connections. With our 35 years of experience, we know that the human relationship in commercial exchanges is essential.

Whether it is after-sales service, prospecting or a technical hotline, a call center must rely on personnel qualified in a specific field. If we take ourselves as an example, we have agricultural engineers to respond to after-sales service requests. Our staff are very familiar with the environment for which they work. Moreover today with all the marketing automation tools, the question of personalization remains important. Whether for after-sales service or prospecting, the personalization of the offer or the service is one of the key points of customer satisfaction. Today we are convinced that call centers in 2019 must be able to know the expectations of customers. Whether they are leads, prospects or already a customer, one expectation remains, that of having a personalized offer.

This makes it possible to have an answer or a precise proposal

To an expectation or a request. Providing a personalized customer experience should be an important part of your strategy. So yes, calling on call centers in 2019 like ours must be an integral part of a global strategy. Whether sales or marketing, this strategy must be profitable for you, your leads and your customers. Call centers in 2019: a profitable business tool Telephone prospecting or telephone support can have a significant cost for a business. We need suitable premises and qualified personnel to meet customer expectations. Outsourcing your call center can therefore seem like a profitable solution because you will not have these additional fixed costs.

Outsourcing call centers in 2019 can make it work in terms of campaigning, lowering your costs. By operating in “countryside”, you can skillfully juggle between commercial prospecting and technical services. Call centers in 2019 can measure for you the cost of a lead and therefore how much a potential customer would cost you. With this approach, you will be able to visualize and compare the profitability of a call center. Profitability is not only measured economically. Whether for prospecting or for technical support, having an interlocutor who knows what we are talking about increased customer satisfaction.

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