If you had access to an audience of 347 million people, would you ignore the opportunity to market to them? Of course you wouldn’t. LinkedIn continues to be one of the most popular social networking sites for professionals. Yet while the majority of content marketers use LinkedIn, too few consider it an effective channel. To increase the effectiveness of LinkedIn, a beneficial strategy for businesses is the use of LinkedIn groups, which connect brands to their audience and can often generate leads for the brand and community members.


Joe Pulizzi often talks about creating better customers through better marketing. As Community Manager for the Content Marketing Institute, I use LinkedIn groups to not only deliver content, but also to listen to our audience.

It’s critical for brands to understand what their audience members like, value, and need. Consumers have many options for  building networks and obtaining valuable resources. It is our job to provide access to this information, thereby earning public trust.


If you’re considering starting a LinkedIn group or want to leverage your current group, these tips can help.

Start the right way

Any LinkedIn user can create a group in minutes. But it is essential to lay a solid foundation to contribute to the success of the group. A few things to consider:


  • Develop a mission statement that clearly describes why the group exists to provide a clear vision for both potential members and your brand.
  • Use targeted keywords in its title and to identify its category so the band can be found in organic search rankings.
  • Create clear guidelines and rules.


Incorporate branding into your group. Use the brand logo in the profile ID. Also consider other visual branding elements.

Choose open or closed

When creating a group, you must determine whether it will be open or members-only. Based on the attributes of both, as shown in this graph, brands that want to launch a large network will open their groups. Brands wanting to promote exclusivity or wishing to create an in-house group will select “Members Only”. CMI uses both. While we want all content marketers to join the Greece WhatsApp Number List CMI open group, we also have a closed group for the CMI team that is used as a resource for company news and member communication. crew.

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Know your audience

In the Content Marketing Institute LinkedIn group, we’re getting to know our audience by sharing a link with new members so they can introduce themselves in our group guidelines article. For a group to be successful, brands need to recognize how their members want to participate. What are they looking for in a group? What would they find most valuable? If in doubt, ask. Look for members’ opinions, ideas for upcoming articles, and find out what content they would find most relevant. This CMI blog post, How to Find Trained Content Marketing Professionals , is a direct result of our group’s feedback.

Grow and strengthen your membership

The CMI group engages with thousands of users brought together by the common thread of content marketing. However, we compete with dozens of other content marketer-oriented LinkedIn groups. In addition, communities on the subject exist on various other social channels or belong to other brands. Connecting with our members ensures that they continue to see the value in our group and come back to participate. With group benefits, we are able to:

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