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Many lawyers work to broaden Italy Phone number their public exposure and community. Outreach by participating in CLEs, speaking on panels, and taking part in other events. Lawyers can also get industry recognition by submitting articles for publication. While this may seem like a simple task. Thus, there a process should be followed. Regardless of the publication—to ensure I missed nothing along the way. In the event the publication’s article requirements Italy Phone Number seem unclear to you the first time you read them. Thus, read them again or give the publication a quick call and ask questions you may have regarding the submission process and what it entails. This way, there is complete transparency from the beginning and you’ll know exactly what their editing team is looking for.

Read and Reread Publication Italy Phone Number Requirements

It can be tempting to write Italy Phone Number immediately. Thus, when you have a topic in mind that you are passionate about; however, before you start, it is imperative to read the specific publication’s requirements for article submission. Publications each have their own requirements for article submission, which can include word count, article topic, and formatting, among others. Many publications want an author to present a short biography and a headshot with Italy Phone Number an article submission as well. Some publications may not even accept submissions from outside sources at the present time or even at all, making your attempt a lost cause from the very beginning.

Ensure Your Article Italy Phone Number Topic is Applicable

While some publications distinctly Italy Phone Number describe article topics they want to see in submissions, others will not. If it’s the latter, don’t panic. What you’ll want to do is take a bit of time reviewing the publication’s website in its entirety to ensure you know as much as possible about it. Then, Italy Phone Number look at previous published articles to see what I have approved before. Just as when you’re submitting an article to a medical journal, you know to keep your submissions tailored towards the healthcare industry, if you’re submitting an article to the American Bar Association Journal, make sure the topic you select is relevant to the legal industry.

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