Delivering a smooth, engaging omnichannel customer experience isn’t always easy. Meeting customers during the buyer’s journey, leaning on unique shopper data, and personalizing their experience requires time, effort, and money.

The solution to this lies in automation.

Using a digital customer engagement platform to automate processes and set up smart multi-step workflows will enable your clients to deliver a consistent, seamless experience within minutes. Indeed, those agencies that can offer their clients united communications on a single platform can generate further synergy between their messaging, strengthening the value of their automated strategy.

As a result, their customers receive a coherent, personalized service that appeals to the “everything customer”, driving engagement with timely, compelling, relevant, and personal communications whilst unlocking time and growth for your clients.

Add digital customer engagement to your product portfolio

Want to unlock the power of omnichannel customer engagement for your clients?

Infobip Moments is an omnichannel customer engagement solution that gives you, your clients, and your business a centralized place to orchestrate all your communication and customer data. Your clients will get to know their customers better by collecting and unifying data more effectively – and will be able to deliver experiences that create long-term relationships. For your digital agency, a customer engagement platform could mean wider reach, higher ROI, and increases in brand loyalty.

Such an approach eliminates the need to repeat themselves or start certain processes or conversations over again, delivering consistent brand messaging to their customers, wherever they are, in a smooth, cohesive experience. In turn, this helps strengthen your client’s message, improving their relationship with their customers and fostering greater business growth.

Unify customer data

Every digital agency knows that the modern “everything customer” demands an agile, seamless brand experience. Each channel should form part of a single journey, where the customer’s needs are met at every stage.

This is achieved through personalized experiences, tailored to their unique situation. Personalization delivers an enhanced experience for both your clients and their customers, and it’s something worth pursuing.

But such an approach requires the gathering and management of an immense amount of data, and digital customer engagement platforms are crucial for this. These types of platforms enable your clients to consolidate data from a range of sources, from social and email to their order history. They also provide a single unified overview of your clients’ customers, so they can deliver effective customer service and identify avenues for potential growth in an agile, responsive way.

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