Average CPC 2.05 € : searches mentioning the term “installer”

Reflect a fairly strong purchase intention and close to its end. We are looking for an installer when we want to do an air conditioning installation. The CPC is therefore high (2.05 €). cost of a lead with Adwords What are the most effective CTAs for turning visitors into leads? The CTA (call to action) is the communication channel that a lead will use to get in touch with a brand from the website. There are currently mainly 3 types of CTAs used to convert Netherlands Email List web visitors into leads: Phone, Web form, Chatbot. cost of a lead and keywords The phone is the most effective CTA tool for generating leads, but combined with other multi-channel tools it’s even better.

The web form is the CTA traditionally associated with converting visitors to leads on the website. However, it only represents 50% of potential conversions if used alone. Over the past two years chatbots have made a breakthrough in internet conversion. At present, however, they only represent 5-10% of the capture of potential leads. The telephone therefore remains the preferred means of HVAC leads when they convert on the internet. The phone channel captures 65% of a site’s conversion potential if used alone. This ratio remains at 60% when the phone is combined with another channel. In fact, there is a (slight) cannibalization of the web form and chatbot channels on the phone.

The conclusion is simple: to increase your conversion rate from visitors to leads

It is strongly recommended to place at least the phone and web forms as a type of CTA. (Source: Force Plus ). Should we invest in geographically localized lead generation? Local searches represent less than 0.5% of total searches and yet they have the highest average CPC: $ 3.03. Google searches for air conditioning that mention a city represent less than 0.5% of total organic searches. With the exception of Paris, organic research focuses on cities located in the south of France (where the temperature in summer is on average above 30 ° C). However, the Adwords CPC for these geographic searches is high: € 3.03.

That is to say 3 times the average of the air conditioning CPC. cost of a lead in France In conclusion, it is better to opt for a local SEO strategy if you are looking for localized leads. It will be more efficient and more profitable than on Adwords. What is the best lead generation tool for HVAC: SEA or SEO? In the long term, SEO is in the lead … SEO is natural referencing on search engines. At Force Plus we distinguish between ON-SITE SEO (that which is done from a client’s brand) from OFF-SITE SEO (that which is done from a third-party site, typically a web-magazine or a intermediation site).

SEA is paid referencing, hyper dominated by Google Adwords in France

For any marketing manager who wonders “what is the cost of a lead?”, The choice between SEO or SEA is often a crucial choice, … even if in everyday reality, these 2 approaches to on-line marketing are complement rather than oppose. Evolution of the cost of a lead Assuming that the CPC for Adwords remains stable (a very questionable assumption because Adwords changes its prices regularly according to supply and demand), Adwords is often more competitive in terms of CPL (cost per lead) the first year of ‘a campaign. This is because an SEO campaign (i.e. improving natural referencing) is very time-consuming.

It takes 6-12 months for ON-SITE SEO. For OFF-SITE SEO, it takes 9-18 months before it starts to materialize with concrete results. In the second year of a lead generation campaign, landing page ranking increases strongly with SEO efforts. This improvement in search engine rankings in turn leads to an increase in the number of visitors. But above all the number of leads. Conversion rate and cost of a lead In the end, what is the cost of a lead? Considering the average conversion rate assumptions cited, we arrive at the following CPL averages: SEA (Adwords): € 52 ON-SITE SEO: € 121 OFF-SITE SEO: € 37. The cost of leads generated by SEO (in particular OFF-SITE SEO) becomes cheaper than that generated by SEA (Adwords).

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