B2b-marketing With Linkedin

LinkedIn has grown from being simply a recruiting tool to becoming a valuable marketing platform. Target-oriented marketing campaigns can be carried out using diverse advertising and targeting options. In the B2B sector in particular, LinkedIn can have a Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List positive influence on branding, customer commitment, and the generation of new leads.

Traffic fluctuates all the time and the Google algorithms also change regularly. However, if the test is carried out with just a few pages, useful conclusions can be drawn from the performance results. There are two other important advantages of SEO experiments Marketing accountability: the creation of new content for 10 pages costs 10 times as much as for one page. If only a few pages are modified, the investment in time and money is manageable.

In Addition, the Resulting Data Is Reliable and, if a Positive Effect Is Recorded

this can be used to justify further investment. Marketing attribution: if all the site pages are altered at the same time, it is not possible to clearly identify the effect of the individual pages. If a SEO experiment is first carried out, it is possible to precisely ascertain the effect on the target parameters and to calculate how many additional conversions can be attributed to each single modification (and thereby, also to the investment made).

In conclusion, large-scale optimization will set off a process where cause and effect cannot be clearly identified. It is much better to test innovations on a small number of pages first, in order to have a clear picture of the effect of the changes on the SEO ranking.

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