Bad Buzz For The New Gifi Advertising Campaign

Gift advertising: the new advertising of Gifi France: Decryption of a Bad Buzz! GIFI – Chronicle of a Bad Buzz gifi-franceGifi not always “ideas of genius” Even if…. meanwhile… .. we are talking about Gifi! It all started with the launch of the latest gifi advertising campaign. The brand has seen its advertising highly criticized. But also the bad buzz is emerging with the first criticisms of the campaign, qualifying it as “bad taste”, “Misogynist” or even “sexist” by Sao Tome and Principe Email List Internet users. Due to the 35 years of the brand, Gifi launched its new advertising campaign.

And at the time, it is not sure that it is “a brilliant idea”… On Monday, September 26, 2016, on its Facebook page, the brand launched 2 new advertisements. And these Gifi advertisements feature 2 male / female couples and their games of the moment. So here is the content of the message & check out the videos below: 1st Gifi ad A woman & a man with perspective game Bad Buzz Gifi First, the first video shows a woman sitting on a sofa, with a bald head between her spread legs. It’s a game of perspective. Indeed, Monsieur is playing on his cell phone while eating a watermelon.

The scenario is a little pushed by the hair but which has the merit of making react

Gift-France-page-FB Internet users’ reactions The reactions have been rather lively since the publication. However, if we analyze the counter of the video we see that overall it was rather appreciated. Indeed there are 450 likes for 180 likes and only 250 “Grrrrrr” (who do not like). In addition, it has been shared nearly 1,500 times and displays a count of 365,000 views as of 09/28/16, ie 2 days after publication. Discover the 33 seconds video here The reaction of the management of the brand buzz for GifiBad buzz but Buzz anyway …

In response to the reactions, the brand changed the description that accompanied the video from “Astonishing!” What can make a woman happy? ” to “A couple plays Bravoloto (humorous internet ad published by Bravoloto.” Asked by LCI, the managing director of GiFi explained that the strategy was assumed: “We gave Bravoloto carte blanche to make the buzz on the Net on the tone of humor. ”The president of the sign told him that“ other videos arrive in the same register, always funny. ”Not sure that the Web agrees.

Believe that an editorial strategy can be improvised

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