5. Monitoring competitors and what is the latest news. This is the monitoring work. so important to create content relevant to your audience.

Analyzing what the public has been saying about you goes  Finland Phone Number  beyond the messages you receive or what is said in your community. and that has a lot of value for the brand.

It is in this analysis that you learn where you are getting it right and. of course. also wrong. It is also with this activity that you can identify opportunities and gain insights for your publications.

Therefore. in addition to keeping track of the messages you receive. it is also important to keep track of what is being said about you across all digital channels. For example: in Facebook and LinkedIn groups about your area of expertise;
in your brand’s unofficial Facebook and LinkedIn groups — have you checked to see if they exist?
Feed and Stories from customers and non-customers who may not have tagged their with mention of their brand; on complaint sites such as. As you can see.

Here it is the responsibility of our Community Manager.

who has a third-party tool to help her with what is possible to be monitored in an automated way. 6. Relationship with the community Social networks are socialization networks. Therefore. they are exchange channels. Therefore. it is expected that you will not leave your audience or the good quotes you receive out of your field of vision . that is. unanswered for a long time.

Here at mLabs. this work is also carried out by our community manager. The task is carried out in two stages: in line with monitoring. when in other channels. and by some mLabs interaction features. during the other stages of the work — such as content creation. for example.

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Interactions on proprietary social networks Social Media. responsible for Community Manager. is responsible for monitoring everything that is commented on our social networks. including Google My Business . on a daily basis . The other social networks we use. such as LinkedIn. for example. receive these interactions manually. due to restrictions of the tool itself.

But we know that it is only possible to

Carry out this complete follow-up due to the facilities that we have achieved with the steps of the process that can be planned. automated (scheduling of publications) or centralized.

7. Analysis of results Want to know how to make your work stand out as social media? You will only get good results if you are a strategic professional. And. as we know. strategy without data analysis is actually guesswork!

Maybe you’ve already done it and it worked? Sure! Luck is there for that. But you can’t just count on her. can you? So if you want to grow in the social media career. you need to pay more attention to data.

For that. you need to consider them as part of your social media management routine. Ideally. you should determine the types of analyzes that will be performed and the frequency of each one.

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