Aimed at brands and companies? Surely you have heard about Snapchat but you still do not know very well how it works. It is a consolidated mobile application in the United States that is making its way in our country. To understand the magnitude of the phenomenon, know that this platform already has more than 100 million active daily users and in fact is considered the social network that has grown the most in recent years. Every day 400 million messages are published and it is valued at more than 16,000 million dollars . In fact, Facebook tried to buy it for $3 billion but the founders delayed the offer.

What does this successful application consist of? Here are some basic points to understand it: Snapchat-for-SMEs-2It allows you to share images and videos ( snaps ) that self-destruct a few seconds after being published. The user can choose the exposure time (maximum 10 seconds). There is also the option to create “Stories”, which are images and videos that remain in view for 24 hours . They can be unique pieces or collections to create a narrative composition. Before publishing the contents, you can add texts, emoticons, filters , and even draw over the image in the style of the Paint program .

As Part Of A Comprehensive

You can always choose whether the Ivory coast whatsapp number list will be public, or only seen by the contacts of each user. There is an internal chat to establish private conversations with contacts and you can also make video calls . A recently created feature is “Discover”, which offers stories specifically created for the app , from media outlets such as National Geographic, CNN, Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, Vice or MTV. Without a doubt, this application promotes the culture of the spontaneous and immediate. Everything here happens in real time and there is no room for preparation. Since content disappears quickly, there’s no pressure to look perfect or create great images.

Ivory coast whatsapp number list

Younger people love it not only because of its carefree character but because they feel they have more privacy and freedom. And how can an SME take advantage of all this? Snapchat can be a very important component of your marketing strategy, if you know how to use it wisely. Consider the following: Snapchat-for-SMEsIf your goal is to reach a young audience , this app is the perfect path for you. It is the trendy tool among millennials . In 2015, 52% of its users were between 16 and 24 years old (although an account can be opened from 13).

But Why Do It?

Businesses can use Snapchat to establish closer and deeper relationships with their followers , since the momentary nature of the messages creates a unique bond of intimacy and exclusivity between both parties. Snapchat is much more than a messaging service, because its possibilities transform communication into a game of creativity and humor . A feature that brands can take advantage of to explore new ways to get closer to their audiences. This app is perfect for offering a little early taste of new products or services to your closest customers, showcasing scoops the media would never see. In this way, businesses have the possibility of generating greater expectations around launches and novelties , arousing curiosity and encouraging conversations.

The fact that the sent messages disappear in a short time. A great opportunity to send exclusive discount coupons and limited time offers . It is a good idea to reward the most loyal followers and keep in constant contact with them. With the “Stories” you can create narrative plots that describe manufacturing processes or product quality control. Likewise, it is possible to show the daily life of the employees, the daily life at the points. Of sale or cover events such as launches , congresses, conventions, parties, among others. Some brands have begun to use Snapchat as a customer service channel , due to the level.

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