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Although AdSense is widely used to make money from your blog traffic, it has its own pitfalls like low earnings, getting approved, strict Google guidelines, and more.


  • Why is Google AdSense not a good source of income for bloggers?
  • What is RevenueHits?
  • RevenueHits Review: How to Make More Money with the Best AdSense Alternative?
    • RevenueHits vs Google AdSense
    • How to increase your monthly income using RevenueHits?
    • How to optimize RevenueHits eCPM?
    • Some Questions You May Have About RevenueHits
    • Conclusion

Why is Google AdSense not a good source of income 

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The majority of bloggers and publishers still use Google AdSense as their #1 revenue model to earn money online. Over a decade ago, AdSense was the biggest source of income for most bloggers, generating thousands of dollars every month. But now, with all the updates from Google, increasing your traffic is a big deal and getting the most out of AdSense is next to impossible.


The major problem with AdSense is that you make very little money from your website traffic. Even if you drive thousands of search engine visitors to your websites, you will barely earn $1,000 every month.

This is the main reason why all the big AdSense players like Darren Rowse, Daniel Scocco from DailyBlogTips.com quit AdSense from their blogs and started focusing on other revenue sources like e-books, online courses, affiliate marketing, etc.

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