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Hiring a new employee can be Cayman islands Phone number incredibly daunting. At least one person at your law firm will have their work. Thus, hours reallocated to combing through potentially hundreds of resumes. Enduring back-to-back phone interviews. Finally selecting someone with no guarantee about. Thus, how he or she will work out. While the process can seem overwhelming. Keep in mind this can be a great opportunity to define your firm’s corporate culture. Plus, inject new Cayman islands Phone Number energy and ideas into the firm, and ultimately help your firm grow.

Candidates: Where Do Cayman islands Phone Number I Find Them?

Gone are the days of hiring an incredibly Cayman islands Phone Number expensive recruiter. With so many online job posting websites available. A law firm actively recruiting job candidates should begin. Thus, its searches by posting a job listing on sites like Indeed or LinkedIn. LinkedIn recently revamped its posting parameters. Allowing advertisers to showcase listings for as little as $5.00 per day, while Indeed allows you to set a daily or monthly budget. Several additional expensive job posting websites exist and could be good resources depending upon the response generated by your initial posts. A newer, heavily advertised platform is ZipRecruiter, costing $249.00 to post a single job listing for one month, while Glassdoor charges $349.00 per month for a single job post. CareerBuilder Cayman islands Phone Number and are two of the original job search platforms, but job seekers, especially those under age 35, are using these platforms less widely.

Reviewing Resumes Cayman islands Phone Number

Before you spend time calling Cayman islands Phone Number candidates on meeting. With them in person, you can weed out a lot of potential resumes simply by reading them over. As you begin reviewing resumes. Thus, keep in mind the specific functions of the job this person will handle. How heavily you rate previous experience for each responsibility. For instance, is it more important the candidate have experience with the case management software your firm uses, or in the firm’s particular practice area? Is fitting into the culture of your law firm more important than extensive experience? What about cost: could your firm benefit from paying more for someone with a heavy background in the legal field, or would it benefit more from having someone cheaper and more ‘trainable?’

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