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Did you know that List of US Mobile Phone Numbers Google rolled out Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords) in October 2000. which was the first self-service ad platform? Back then. you could throw together a quick ad in the self-service portal and get results for peanuts. You didn’t need any fancy tools or much money to have a crazy high ROI. Fast forward almost 22 years. Google Ads is still the most effective PPC channel for agencies. List of US Mobile Phone Numbers B2B and B2C businesses. but it is also a lot more competitive and expensive. You can’t just throw together an ad and expect even mediocre results. Now. if you want to have a positive ROI.

Best PPC Marketing List of US Mobile Phone Numbers Tools for Agencies

You need to worry about keyword List of US Mobile Phone Numbers research. conducting customer interviews. ad copywriting. ad creative. and bid management. So. we reached out to 46 agency. B2B. and B2C PPC specialists to share how they are using their favorite PPC tools to increase ad presence and ROI in 2022. Best PPC Marketing Tools for Agencies Out of all of the PPC specialists we surveyed. agencies spent the most money on average on PPC ads each month. In fact. 44.44% of agencies had an average monthly PPC budget between $5k – $10k. And. 27.8% were spending $21k or more each month. Their overwhelming favorite and List of US Mobile Phone Numbers most effective. PPC channel is Google Keyword Planner.

Google Keyword List of US Mobile Phone Numbers Planner

Google Keyword Planner List of US Mobile Phone Numbers gives us a nice benchmark as to which keywords have the highest average monthly searches as well as which queries have the highest transactional/commercial intent as evidenced by a high cost-per-click.” says Patrick Garde of ExaWeb Corporation. That way. we can align our strategy depending on the campaign’s objective.” Eden Cheng of PeopleFinderFree adds. “The tool helps understand the trends related to the keywords I am going to pick. it gives me an idea of whether or not to run a PPC advertisement for a particular keyword. Also. one can see various missed-out keywords and find out the better ones for targeting with it. As Google Search Engine is my first priority for PPC advertising.

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