Best practices in lead management

The lead management is a global proces lead generation and nurturing of these same leads with appropriate and customized content. The objective is to take them through the acquisition tunnel until they are transformed into prospects and then into customers. Lead management is a practice related to inbound marketing, which does not chase the prospect with so-called push content. On the contrary, by offering the lead content that is relevant to his profile, he will come to you on his own, attracted by the proposed offer. To adopt good Australian Email Address lead management practices, it is important to have tools such as CRM or marketing automation software. They will both allow the automation and personalization of the relationship with all of your leads. You will thus save a considerable amount of time, while making significant savings.

Indeed, “Companies that nurture their leads generate 50% more ready-to-buy leads, at a cost reduced by 33%!” (Forrester Study). However, many companies are embarking on lead management without really grasping the interest of this type of strategy. However, the positive effects are undeniable if good lead management practices are respected. Indeed, ” Nurtured leads present 20% more sales opportunities than non-nourished leads.” (Hubspot).What are you waiting for to get started? However, it is important to keep in mind that adopting good lead management practices is a good start, but that it is also important to put them into practice in the right order. Discover the ideal timeline for an optimal lead management strategy!

Determination of the objective to be achieved

Like any marketing strategy, going head-to-head is not recommended at all. This is indeed the best way to make mistakes that you could very well have avoided by dedicating more time to thinking. It is indeed capital to determine the need you want to meet via the lead management campaign, what objectives you want to achieve, what results to observe. In the same logic, one of the good practices of lead management is the definition of KPIs which will allow the monitoring of the results obtained. This allows you to adapt your strategy along the way in the event of unsatisfactory results.

This step is undoubtedly one of the most important in the context of your lead management strategy. Indeed, before you start, it is essential to know precisely how your campaigns will be structured according to the types of profiles, the purchasing path, etc. In addition, one of the good practices of lead management is to favor several short scenarios rather than one very long one.Indeed, depending on the type of your customers, their needs, expectations, etc. it can be very complex to find your way around in a very complex scenario with multiple branches. Conversely, you will see it much more clearly in several small scenarios. Especially since you will always have the possibility of making them communicate with each other in order to switch your prospects from one to another if the situation lends itself to it.

Choice of tool

As we discussed in the introduction, choosing the right tool is part of good lead management practices. It is indeed important not to choose it at random. Once you have determined your needs and goals in the previous step, you can start looking for the software that best meets this need.. It is true that generally the offers of the same product (CRM or marketing automation) are very similar and therefore it can be complicated to navigate. The budget is the first differentiating element, which makes it possible to eliminate a certain number of offers. Ease of use is a second very important point and too often overlooked. Indeed, software as powerful as it is, if you have difficulty using it, you will waste more time than anything else.

So, once you have a final shortlist of 2 or 3 software, feel free to try the software in order to test all its functionality. Publishers frequently offer the opportunity to test their tool before subscribing, take advantage of it! This step is all the more important since once all your tool has been configured, change it and it is relatively restrictive. It is, therefore, better to be certain of your choice so as not to have to go back!

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