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Your law firm has updated Armenia Phone number all of its digital assets. Thus, you’re posting regularly on social media channels. Adding content to the website once a week. Plus, and scheduling your Q2 e-newsletter to go out. Now what should you do to market? Below are four innovative ways to promote. Thus, the law firm you may not have tried… yet. Mondays and Tuesdays are terrible for event attendance, so look towards the end of the week for your CLE event. Plan for two to three panels at most, with the last presentation as a keynote speaker. Set Armenia Phone Number out some branded swag at each desk or chair (see ideas below). If your panelists approve, email post-event with the presentations attached to reach even those who didn’t attend.

Hosting a Free Armenia Phone Number Cle Event

Every attorney needs Armenia Phone Number Continuing Legal Education (CLE) hours. In order to, remain in good standing with the bars of his or her various states of license. For example, the State Bar of Texas requires at least 15 CLE hours per year for attorneys. Thus, while New York requires at least 24 hours every two years. Florida 33 hours every three years. While each state has its own rules concerning. CLE hours and event accreditation, the bottom line is: attorneys NEED CLE hours. Not only does an event like this increase awareness of your law firm brand. Thus, it can also generate great referral sources and help establish. Your attorneys as authorities in certain practice areas. Including a networking happy hour at the end is always a great idea, and provides an Armenia Phone Number opportunity for your firm members to mix-and-mingle with other attorneys.

Educational Video Armenia Phone Number Marketing

We’ve discussed video Armenia Phone Number marketing frequently. Because it’s the hottest trend in digital marketing. Video content should involve more than just “selling” your firm, though. Utilizing video as an educational tool can reach online users who aren’t interested in buyingsomething…. but might be interested in learning something. A great way to gain exposure for your law firm is by hosing a free CLE event. Pick a topic your attorneys are “experts” on. Thus, invite Armenia Phone Number other non-competing attorneys outside the firm. Legal industry vendors, and other experts to sit on various panels. Then invite every attorney you’ve ever met to attend. Most attorneys have a limited amount of time to attend events, so aim for an extended lunch hour or ideally an afternoon session followed by a happy hour.

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